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How to Get iMessage on Windows PC 2019

iMessage on Windows was developed by Apple Inc. and is an instant messaging service since 2011. The service provided by Apple can only be used by the Apple users due to which there is a constant war between the people who love Apple while some prefer Android, but there is still a neutral group of people who love both.

If you wish to experience iMessage on Windows then you are at the right place as this article will provide you with all the available method that can be tried to use iMessage on Windows. A lot of people love this experience of using Apple supported app on Windows as it is easy, high-tech and efficient. There are four methods available to you, all of which are explained below step by step for your convenience.

How To Get iMessage For Windows

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Step1 – To start with it, you must have a Mac with iMessage and a window pc.

Step2 – On both of your computers you are required to download Chrome and Chrome remote desktop.

Step3 – When the process of installation gets completed, click on the option of launch.

Step4 – Now, on your Mac computer you need to download Chrome remote desktop host installer separately.

Step5– Once the download gets completed, install it.

Step6 – Chrome remote desktop host installer provides you with access to another computer apps and files securely with the help of Chrome browser for Chromebook. Now, connect both the computers through the security code that will appear to you on your screen promptly and after connecting them both enjoy the iMessage on your Windows PC.

imessage on windows
imessage on windows

Jailbreak Your iPhone

The method is a little complicated but is useful.

Step1 – Jailbreak your Apple device by installing the Cydia software, which is a directory of applications that become usable because of your jailbroken iOS device.

Step2 – Now, you need to get a remote message app in Cydia for $4 to set up a web-based interface. This webpage interface can be connected using your iPhones IP address found on the browser, like “333”. Once you get connected you can enjoy iMessage on your Windows.

Though the steps are a bit complicated and the software might not work for the latest iOS version – OS 12, still the app explains everything to you. With this it becomes easy for lots of users to remotely access iMessage from a windows computer.

Use a Free Emulator

Step1 – Go to the website and from there download the free emulator available there.

Step2 – Now, from extension exe install the file on your PC.

Step3 – Then run the emulator.

Step4 – By accepting the terms and conditions continue further.

Step5 – Once the installation process gets completed successfully, launch the iPad software on your PC.

Step6 – In the search bar, search for iMessage.

Step7 – Finally, download the Apple messenger app and launch It.

You will get access of iMessage on your PC now.

Access iMessage History on Windows Computer

Though the above-mentioned ways can help you get iMessage app for windows, there is one more method you should consider which is to get your iMessage history from iPhone to Windows computer by third party tool. It is the best and the least hassling way you can get your chat history on Apple’s famous Messenger app. You can use this by iMyFone D – Port iPhone Data Exporter, to view and get access of iMessage on PC.

iMyFone D – Port iPhone Data Exporter

Given below is the procedure by which you can easily transfer your iMessage from iOS devices to windows computer.

Step1 – Select define the time you need to export

  • On your window computer, download and install iMyFone D – Port and then launch it.
  • Now, from the option from “Export from iOS Device” click on the option of Start to choose the file type you want to export.
  • Now, it will ask you to connect your iOS device to the computer and just follow its from prompt.


Step2 – Scan your iOS device completely.

  • Connect your device by clicking on the scan “button”. Your device will be scanned by iMyFone D – Port.
  • Depending on the storage of your iOS device the scanning process will take time.
iMessage on Windows
iMessage on Windows


Step3 – Preview and export data from iOS device

  • Once the scanning process gets completed, the iMessage on the device will be displayed.
  • The files can be checked by individually clicking on them. Now, you can choose the desired files.
  • In the bottom right corner of the page, click on the “Export” button.
  • A popup window will appear which will ask you to locate where you want to store the Message on your computer.
iMessage on Windows
iMessage on Windows


Note: The data exporter will allow you to transfer from iPhone to computer both textual and media content like messages, videos, photos and audio conversations.

  1. the exporter will allow you to preview the transferring data before it transfers so that you can choose what you need and ignore the others.
  2. the exporter can view and export iTunes/iCloud backup which you can read before transferring to the computer.
  3. the exporter is capable of transferring 20 types of files including Whatsapp, Kik, notes, voice memo and more.



Apple in the recent time has vastly improved the iMessage app by providing the users with several highly impressive feature like Digital Touch, P2P money transfer, some screen effects have livened up iMessage. As clearly mentioned above using iMessage on windows is virtually impossible unless you connect to a MacBook via a remote service.

Though all the above-mentioned methods will help you use iMessage on your Windows, the methods are not direct and are a bit complicated. In the last method, the exporter used i.e. iMyFone D – Port iPhone Data Exporter which is also compatible for iOS 12 offers a free trial to the users with which you can check out and see if it works for you, which it surely will.



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