mi air purifier review

Mi Air Purifier Review 2020 – Pros & Cons

Last Updated : 15 March 2020

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Food, air, and water are three most essential things in human life. Though we take special care of food hygiene and clean water, we hardly think about the air we breathe. Not even being conscious about the breathing process the air cleanliness has been completely neglected. This negligence has resulted in drastic changes in air quality. For example, our dear capital city Delhi that is gasping under the smog. People start their day choking through eye-burning smog.

Pollution levels are so high that schools have been shut and flights have been canceled. People are suffering from various respiratory diseases and infections and unfortunately a few of them perishing due to it. The damage is not only limited to human life but also to the animal species and the surrounding environment. The animals who hardly contribute to this disaster are suffocating under nature’s punishment meant for us.

The greenery that has already been half vanished is now depleting more rapidly due to our carelessness. These poisonous airs are killing us slowly. What is done cannot be reversed. But at least we can be cautious enough to protect ourselves from this impending danger. To your rescue is Mi air purifier review. With its high-quality air purifying technology it tries to keep your home free of pollutants and give you space to breathe. Let’s see whether the Mi air purifier review is the best air purifier for Delhi or not.

mi air purifier review

It has a brushless DC motor that can operate silently along with the addition of a small display that gives you real-time information about the level of particulate matter. You can get updated details of particulate matter levels on the accompanying Mi Home application on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The Mi Air Purifier 2S carries on with the Xiaomi design, which uses a dual rotor blade turbine design to displace air vertically in the room. There are two ways to look at it. One: you don’t find air directly thrown towards you and hence reduces irritation for sensitive individuals with an irritated throat or nose due to airflow. Two, you can’t use it as a fan, which other competing products such as the Pure Cool offer.

The Mi Air Purifier Review implements an H11-grade HEPA filter, which can offer protection from particulate matter PM2.5 or particles with a diameter of approximately 2.5 microns. In contrast, it is widely accepted that human hair can vary between 17 to 181 microns. In addition to the HEPA filter, a layer of activated carbon helps deal with the strong odour of formaldehyde during painting. The filter in the Mi Air Purifier 2S comes with a warranty of 6 months.


The toxic and hazardous impure micro substances present in the air are known as air pollutants. Basically, we have two types of air pollutants. The first one being criteria pollutants. Criteria pollutants are used to determine whether a region is meeting air quality standards, i.e. is in “attainment” status. 

The second one which is more dangerous is air toxics. They are chemical compounds suspected of causing cancer and other chronic human health risks. The increase in the number of these pollutants leads to tremendous air pollution causing harm to the health of the living species along with eroding nature. Among these air pollutants, we have two crucial ones that cause many hazards without us knowing about it. That is PM 10 and PM 2.5.

PM 10 is particulate matter 10 micrometers or less in diameter whereas PM 2.5 is particulate matter 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter. Particles in this size range make up a large proportion of dust that can be drawn deep into the lungs. Larger particles tend to be trapped in the nose, mouth or throat. 

These cause various lung infections and chronic diseases. PM 2.5 reduces visibility and causes the air to appear hazy when levels are elevated which is exactly what is happening in Delhi. These are mainly generated when crushing or grinding operations take place or when the dust is stirred up by vehicles on roads


  • The working mechanism of the purifier is pretty much simple with its three filter systems. Starting off with the outer filter, which is large enough to capture all the larger particulate matter such as dust, hair, and fur.
  • The inner filter or the second filter is a HEPA H11-grade filter (high-efficiency particulate air) that is designed to capture microscopic particles with 95 percent efficiency.
  • The third and innermost filter is made from activated carbon, which is a material like what you’d find in water purifiers. This filter captures harmful chemicals, odours and other noxious substances in the air.
  • The fan faces the top and the air is sucked in from all sides, through the various filters. In auto mode, the fan is dead silent. Once this cycle is completed the room or house is thoroughly cleansed by sucking in all the air pollutants leaving behind fresh and clean air for you to breathe.


The Mi Air Purifier is one of its kinds due to its various unique features. Let’s have a look at them:


  1. New Oled

It is important for us to know the details regarding the purification process is done but being a layman it might become a bit hectic do go through the mechanism and scientific details. To bring an end to this problem it has come up with a new O-led display that displays the real-time PM 2.5 index, temperature, humidity, Wi-Fi link, and working mode, allowing you to monitor the air quality of your home clearly. 

  1. Automatic Brightness Adjustment

With the light sensor, the display brightness can be adjusted to dim automatically according to the environmental light change hence you will not be bothered or disturbed to change the brightness manually making it more convenient for you.

  1. High-Precision Laser Sensor

Its built-in high-precision laser sensor can accurately see the microscopic world, the smallest resolution of 0.3 microns particle size particles, precision air quality, with millet air purifier linkage. This helps it absorb the utmost tiny particle and safeguard your surroundings.

  1. Purifies Your Room in 10 Mins with a CADR of 310m³/h

CADR means a clean air delivery rate that indicates the volume of purified air (in cubic meters) which an air purifier produces every hour. This signifies the efficient working of your device and lets you know how the cleaning of the air in your room is being done.

  1. 3-Layer Filtration for Maximum Purification

The 360-degree barrel filter for Xiaomi Air Purifier has an integrated early effect with its three layers of activated carbon filter it removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles and the filter replacement are very convenient when it needs to change it will remind automatically.

  1. Smart Control with the Mi Home App

You can monitor your house air quality easily through the smartphone Mi Home App, and it will provide you with more healthy suggestions to fill your home with clean and pure air hence making it a smart air purifier.

  1. Silent and Energy Efficient

The working of the machine is designed in such a way that noise emission is almost zero of the engines, hardly making its presence known in the room. It consumes fifty sic watt making it more energy-efficient compared to the other purifiers.


  • With the smart control of the purifier by your mobile app, the device is living up to the technology in society. It helps you to track the details sitting anywhere in the world be it in your office or if you are on a vacation.
  • It produces an almost negligible noise of only 30db hence avoiding unnecessary noises and making it run smoothly without disturbing anyone. These advantages make it the best air purifier in India


  • The filter needs to be replaced every six months. That means you must buy new filters regularly or else the device becomes useless. That means you must spend money, again and again, making it a slight problem in the budget if you overuse the filter, thus replacing it every three months.


The air pollution level is increasing so rapidly turning the earth into a gas chamber. To protect us and to breathe in fresh and clean air it is essential to have an air purifier at least in your house. 

From the above Mi air purifier review, it can be easily stated that Mi 2S vertical air purifier is the best device you can have to achieve this goal with its durability, working, and cost. With its stylish design and smart control, it is also a smart air purifier

It offers you a lot and is a must in your homes, during these times. Its three-layer filtration absorbs even the minute particles that you cannot think of. The Oled display informs the consumer of the status of the surroundings. This makes it a winner among all other devices. It is all you need to improve air quality and have clean and fresh surroundings.

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