How to Setup Home Gym in 4 Easy Steps

If Covid-19 lockdown has badly affected your gym routine, then you can set up your own home gym to keep up with your fitness goals. 

Investing in a home gym is beneficial because you don’t know when the next Covid wave will hit and your local gym will once again get shut down. This has happened twice in the last one year.

Investing in a home gym can be initially high. But in the long run, you can save money in two ways – 

First, you can save on the Gym membership fee, which can be substantial over years. You may not need all the equipment or the additional perks like spa, and dance classes associated with the gym membership.

Second, you can save the driving time and petrol cost. The time saved can be fruitfully invested in hobbies, business, or spent with children, family and friends.

Let us understand, with a simple calculation. 

Membership at a decent Gym in metro cities costs you around Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 if you go for the annual plan. But the monthly charges are anywhere between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,500 for the basic weight training. 

Gym Membership Rates

Gym costs can go higher if you opt for additional training such as cardio, cross-fit, aerobics, pilates, and rope workouts.

Add to it the cost of commuting to the Gym. Let us assume you are driving your car or bike to the gym that costs you Rs. 50 per day. Then the monthly expenses come to Rs. 50 x 30 = Rs. 1500 and annually the expense is Rs. 1500 x12 = Rs. 18,000.

Total cost of regular gym = membership cost of Rs. 35,000 + commuting cost of Rs. 18,000 = Rs. 53,000 annually.

By next year, your gym expenses will be 53,000 x 2 = Rs. 106,000. 

Compared to this, you can easily set up a basic home gym under Rs. 1 Lakh.  

The good thing about the home gym is that your 30-minute workout will actually take only 30 minutes. Compared to going to the gym that will take around an hour in activities like – driving to the gym, getting ready in the changing room, chit-chatting with gym colleagues before heading back home.

Apart from money savings, a home gym – 

  • Saves commuting time & hassle – that can be invested in other areas of life.
  • Allow you to start your workout immediately after pre-workout warming. You never have to wait for your turn on the bench or squat rack.
  • Have personal equipment to use – so that you work out in hygiene without worrying about other people’s sweat. Beneficial for people with sensitive skin or having an allergy. 
  • Peacefully work out with family at home, instead of exposing family members to strangers at the gym.
  • Gives flexibility of having your own workout timings like – a late night or early in the morning.
  • Offers freedom to wear what you want, play a choice of music and lay down as long as you want after an intense workout. 

Choosing the gym equipment is the critical part of setting up a home gym because of the upfront investment cost. 

The equipment you choose will depend on the type of training you want to undergo. Below is the list of essential home gym equipment that will get you started. 

Later on, you can have additional equipment in your home gym as per your training requirement. 

Note – You should set up a home gym if you are a real fitness freak otherwise your investment in gym equipment will go to waste. 

If you are just starting and setting up a home gym from the first day, then it’s better to first go for 1-2 months to a local gym to check your commitment. 

Proceed with investing in the home gym only if you find yourself committed to your fitness goals. 

Best Home Gym Equipments 

#1. For Strength Training

Strength training

Strength training involves physical exercises designed to improve strength and endurance. You need equipment that offers different levels of resistance or involves the use of weights. 

The basic equipment that can get you started for strength training are – 

EquipmentPrice Range
Resistance BandRs. 350 to Rs. 1500
Dumbells set (up to 40 Kgs)Rs. 1800 to Rs. 3500
Kettlebells (up to 20 kgs)Rs. 650 to Rs. 3900 depending on weight

You will need to buy a few sets of dumbbells in several weight increments – 

  1. Lighter weight dumbbells – for exercises that involve smaller muscle groups such as biceps or triceps 
  2. Heavier weight dumbbells – for exercises that involve larger muscles or multiple muscle groups. 

If you are buying workout bands, get a few different bands with increasing resistance levels.

The total cost of the basic strength training equipment will be – 

  • 3 resistance bands for an average price of Rs. 750 = Rs 2250
  • Dumbell set = Rs. 2500
  • 2 Kettlebells taking the average price of Rs. 1000 = Rs. 2000 

Total cost of equipments = Rs. 2250 + 2500 + 2000 = Rs 6750.

Bodybuilders can add a few additional equipment like –

EquipmentPrice Range
Weight BenchRs. 3500 to Rs. 20,000
Barbells Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500
Weight platesRs. 30 to Rs. 100 per kg depending on the weight material

Cost of weight training for the home gym would be –

  • 1 Weight bench of decent quality = Rs. 9000
  • 1 Barbell = Rs. 700
  • Weight plates set for weights up to 100 kg with an average price of Rs. 55 per kg = Rs. 5500

Total cost of weight training equipment = Rs. 9000 + 700 +5500 = Rs. 15,200

If you are looking to set up a home gym for strength training including weight training then you need an investment of Rs. 6750 + Rs. 15,200 = Rs. 21,950.

Additional Strength Training Equipment –

  • Squat Rack
  • Pull-up bar
  • Adjustable dumbbell set
  • Complete strength training home-gym system
  • Suspension training system like TRX system

#2. For Cardio Training

Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises involve large muscle (body) movement with the ultimate goal of improving heart health. The activities keep your cardio-vascular system stronger delivering more oxygen to cells in your muscles.

Simple home cardio workouts that you can do are – Burpees, Jump rope, Squat jump, kickboxing, and jogging in place. Most of them can be performed without any equipment. 

Basic Cardio equipments for the home gym are –

EquipmentPrice Range
Jump ropeRs. 150 to Rs. 500
Hand weights Rs. 200 to Rs. 800
  • Jump rope
  • At the most few hand weights for some of the cardio exercises

Cost of cardio training equipment for your home gym –

  • 1 Jump rope average price = Rs. 250
  •  Hand weights of up to 2 kg = Rs. 650

Total cost = Rs. 250 + 650 = Rs. 900.

Additional Cardio Training Equipment –

#3. For Endurance Training

Endurance training

Endurance is your body’s physical capability to work continuously for an extended period without getting tired. 

Endurance training is needed when you train for marathons, half-marathons and cross country cycling. 

Your home equipment for endurance training are – 

  • For marathon preparation – Treadmills costing in the range of Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 40,000.
  • For cycling preparations – Indoor cycling bike costing in the range of Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 30,000
  • Few weights and barbell for increasing strength costing around Rs. 1500.
  • Foam rollers to massage and treat sore muscles with an average cost in the range of Rs. 650 to Rs. 1000.

A treadmill (avg price Rs. 28,000) + weights (Rs. 1500) + foam rollers (avg price Rs. 750) combo will cost you = RS. 30,250.

If you opt for a decent indoor cycling bike instead of treadmills then the combination will cost you = 11,000 + 1500 + 750 = Rs. 13,250.

#4. HIIT, Cross-fit Style Workouts

HIIT exercises

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves a short period of intense exercise followed by less intense recovery periods till you get exhausted. Exercise types include – box jumps, battle ropes blitz and light barbell on your shoulders. 

Home Gym equipment suited to such workout is –

EquipmentPrice Range
Barbell with few weights (less than 2 kg)Rs. 200 to Rs. 800
BoxRs. 2000
Battle ropesRs. 2000 to Rs. 3000
SandbagsRs. 1000 to Rs. 4000 per bag
Jump rope Rs. 150 to Rs. 500

The total cost of getting all the HIIT/ Cross-fit equipment for the home gym would be –

  • Barbell with few weights = Rs. 650
  • Box = Rs. 2000
  • Battle ropes = Rs. 2500
  • 2 Sandbags avg price of Rs. 2500 = Rs 5000.  
  • Jump rope = Rs 250.

Total cost of equipment = Rs. 650 + 2000 + 2500 + 5000 + 250 = Rs. 10,400.

Additional equipment that you can add – 

  • Gymnastic rings

#5. Yoga & Pilates


Both yoga and pilates build flexibility and muscular strength by proper posture alignment. 

Getting started with yoga or pilates at home will involve – 

EquipmentPrice Range
Yoga or Pilates matRs. 500 to Rs. 1500
Pilates rings (magic circle)Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000
Pilates resistance bandRs. 200 to Rs. 1000
Foam rollerRs. 650 to Rs. 1000
Stability ballRs. 500 to Rs. 1500
  • Yoga or Pilates mat average price = Rs. 750
  • Pilates rings (magic circle) = Rs. 850
  • Pilates resistance bands avg price = Rs. 650
  • Foam roller average cost = Rs. 750
  • Stability ball average price = Rs. 800

Total expenses on Yoga & Pilates  workout at home = 750 + 850 + 650 + 750 + 800 = Rs. 3800. 

Later on, you can add equipment like –

  • Pilates Reformer
  • Pilates chair
  • Ladder barrel

#6. Multipurpose Home Gym Equipment

Infinity Fitness ABS Tower With Ground Pully Handle and Gym Bench

Multipurpose home gym equipment is better if you want to cover full-body workouts.

You can do Flat, Incline, Decline, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Lat Pull Down, Ground Pulley, Arm Curl, Chest Press, Butterfly, Dips and Twister workouts. If needed you can add a few dumbbells and weights. 

EquipmentPrice Range
Multipurpose home gym equipmentRs. 11,000 to Rs. 60,000

Average investment in multipurpose home gym equipment = Rs. 30,000 

4 Steps Guide to Set up a Home Gym

Step 1 –  Find a Dedicated Space for Your Home Gym 

Home Gym space

The minimum space area you need for a home gym is around 150 to 200 sq. ft to place equipment and move around a bit. 

Any spare room, the guest room, a portion of a bigger hall, or a vacant garage of the above-mentioned size can be used as a dedicated space for a home gym. 

A HIIT workout might need more space to jump and move around. Workouts like yoga or pilates will need very little space hardly more than your yoga mat. 

But if you are into full-fledged weight training then you may require a whole room with an area somewhere around 400 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft.  

Make sure that the home gym area is well ventilated, lighted and is a clear space. The home gym should not be in a godown or storage space will all the junk around to get you demotivated. 

If possible you should avoid using the basement because of the closed walls and the need for air vents for proper air circulation. 

Step 2 –  Buy Only the Essential Gym Equipment

You don’t have to buy all the equipment for your home gym at once. 

Pick equipment (as discussed in the above section) based on your fitness goals and workout requirements. This way you don’t incur heavy investment in the starting. 

You can save even more money by putting some of the gym equipment in your shopping cart to get a 5 to 10% discount when purchasing online at Amazon.

Step 3 –  Get A Rubber Flooring 

Rubber flooring for home gym

Rubber flooring provides safety to the underlying tiles and concrete floor from the impact of heavyweights. They prevent cracking and breakage of the subfloor.

Rubber floors also avoid slipping and offer a firm and comfortable spot if you need to get on the ground for burpees, and push-ups. 

Installing a rubber floor to an extent help to reduce the noise a barbell makes when dropping to the ground.

A good quality 8 mm rubber flooring in India will cost you around Rs. 120 to Rs. 170 per sq. ft. 

Taking Rs. 150 per sq. ft as an average cost of rubber flooring. 

Then the total cost of placing rubber flooring on 200 sq. ft of your home gym comes to 200 sq. ft x Rs. 150 = Rs. 30,000.

Step 4 – Designing Home Gym Space – Optional 

Design elements for the home gym include wall color, lighting, mirrors & music to get you inspired and pumped up to work out. 

This can hit your budget really hard. So, if your budget permits then you can look for the following elements while designing a home gym 

#1. Mirrors – Mirrors offer real-time feedback on your body posture and movement while doing exercise. 

Mirrors be a helpful tool for feedback on your form during exercises, they can also help to open up space, making it appear larger. This may help you feel less cramped if you have a smaller home gym.

The average cost of the is around 100 to Rs. 200 per sq. ft. A single glass is 6 ft high x 4 ft wide, i.e. 24 sq. ft of glass mirror covers a person in full. 

Suppose you need 4 gym glass mirrors of 24 sq. ft. Then the total cost will be 24 sq. ft x 4 mirror x Rs. 150 = Rs. 14,400

#2. Lights – The best lightning for a home gym is natural light coming from windows or open doors. Keeping your home gym well-lit ensures high energy levels when you are working out.

Make sure you have plenty of light-either natural light streaming in through windows or from overhead light bulbs-so you can keep an eye on your form with ease.

You may have to install a few overhead LED lights in case you do not receive natural daylight. Depending on the electrical fittings required the cost can range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000.     

Optional elements that you can include, if your budget permits –

  • Music System 
  • Wall coloring
  • Wall poster 

Home Gym Setup Cost Analysis

Approximate Flooring cost Rs. 30,000
Approximate mirror cost Rs. 14,400
Approximate lighting cost Rs. 1500
Total fixed costRs. 45,900

Add to that the cost of equipment (depending on training types) –

Home Gym SetupInvestment 
For Basic strength training Rs. 6750 + 45,900 = Rs. 52,650
For Strength + Weight training Rs. 21,950 + 45,900 = Rs. 67,850
For endurance training with treadmill Rs. 30250 + Rs. 14,400 + Rs. 1500 = Rs. 46,150
For endurance training with indoor bikeRs. 13250 + Rs. 14,400 + Rs. 1500 = Rs. 29,150
For full body workout using multipurpose home gym equipment Rs. 30,000 + Rs. 14,400 + Rs. 1500 = Rs. 45,900

Home setup for other training types like basic cardio exercises, HIIT, yoga and pilates will not require rubber flooring, mirror, or lightning cost.   

Clearly from the table above, the maximum investment of Rs. 67,850 comes in case of strength and weight training setup at home.

As compared to which your regular annual gym membership and commuting costs Rs. 53,000 per year.

From the second year onwards your home gym setup will be more cost-effective when your regular gym and traveling expenses cross over Rs. 1 Lakh.


A home gym pays for your investment in the second year itself. Setting up your home gym is idle if you are serious about your workouts in the long run. Otherwise, the investment in equipment can be a dead investment. 

You can start with the basic equipment setup and then keep on adding more equipment if needed for your workout.  

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