Fixed: A Disk Read Error Occurred For Windows

What Is A Disk Read Error Occurred?

While working peacefully on a system suddenly a message pops up on the screen stating “A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart”. Screen looks similar to the picture below and even on restarting the computer you still get the same error. Situation becomes quite irritating and also degrades work progress. Therefore, if this error occurs on your system, you should try to fix it as soon as possible. Do it carefully to rescue your data from damaged hard drive after troubleshooting this disk error. This is a very common error on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and it basically means “Windows detects a hard disk problem”.


This article is going to be really helpful for all those who are facing this annoying black screen. Therefore, read further to discover all hidden details of this topic.

Causes Of  A Disk Read Error Occurred

Obviously, there might be some problems due to which this disk drive error occurred and to cure this fault one should know the real reason behind it. Henceforth, in this portion, we will discuss about all the causes because of which this particular error arrives. 

Some of its frequent reasons are:

  • System hard drive failure
  • BIOS settings issue
  • Hard drive cables damage
  • No bootable hard drive
  • Improper supply of power
  • Operating System issue
  • Incorrect Master Boot Record setting 

All these are the most reported reasons for a disk read error. You may directly check for these issues as a first-aid option.

There are high chances that you already know about Blue Screen Errors, we listed a few simple ways to fix 0x0000007B error !

Methods to fix  A Disk Read Error Occurred

Multiple methods are present to fix this problem and here we will discuss all core ways to fix this a disk read error occurred. All methods contains a few simple steps which you must properly. It’s likely to get tensed on seeing five methods altogether in the start but you don’t need to go for all five methods. Switch methods till error disappears and after that stop the process.

Method 1 Correcting BIOS 

Part A- Reset BIOS

Incorrect BIOS can also trigger this error. Thus, it is recommended to upgrade BIOS cautiously. Below is the three-step process to upgrade BIOS.

Step1: Restart PC and click on the key such as F2, F10, Del, etc which appears in the BIOS setup. This may vary from system to system. Keep an eye on the screen while the process is going on.

Step2: Locate the option to reset BIOS by switching options through arrow keys. Names which appear on screen to revert BIOS to default settings may differ for different systems. For example, Load BIOS Defaults, Apply Default, Load Fail-Safe Defaults, Factory Settings, etc.

Step3: Exit BIOS after saving changes and Restart the system.

Part B- Upgrade BIOS

You will find upgrade option on the computer’s manufacturer website.  There on download center, you can download the latest version of BIOS. Keep one thing in mind that the selected BIOS version should be based on your Operating System. Normally, BIOS comes in a compressed file like .zip file but when you take out data from it, you can see a README file. No need to stress because this README file will guide you through the upgrading process.

Method 2 Run Chkdsk

This is a perfect and common way to fix many system file errors. The chkdsk utility checks for hard drives integrity and involves a few simple steps which you have to follow linearly.

For Windows XP System,

Step1: Firstly, insert the Windows XP CD and next boot from it.

Step2: Press “R” to open Recovery Console.

A Disk Read Error Occurred

Step3: Type the following chkdsk command [chkdsk c: /r] and don’t forget to replace C: with the drive where Windows XP is installed.

Step4: Press “Enter” and then Restart your PC.

For Windows Vista,

Step1: Here to run chkdsk on a Windows Vista you need to insert Windows 7 DVD and boot from it.

Step2: Later, select “Repair your computer” in order to access System Recovery Options.

A Disk Read Error Occurred

Step3: Under Recovery options choose “Command Prompt”.

A Disk Read Error Occurred

Step4: Again type the chkdsk command [chkdsk C: /r] and here also C: is the letter of the drive where Windows 7 is installed on.

Step5: Bang on Enter. And check if “a disk read error occurred” still persists.

To access chkdsk on Windows 8 or 8.1 follow the same steps.

Method 3 Use Easy Recovery Essentials

Easy Recovery Essentials is currently available for all Windows systems and has the capability to fix various faults using its in-built automated repair system.

Step1: Download the correct version of Easy Recovery Essentials.

Step2: Now burn the image.

Step3: Use EasyRe or USB which you created to boot your computer.

Step4: Choose “Advanced Repair” option.

Step5: Once EasyRe scans your computer drives, you have to identify and select the drive letter from the list for Windows installation. To begin the process click on “Automated Repair” option.

Step6: Now EasyRe will start analysing the selected drive to find out problems. Afterwards, it will try to automatically correct them without your intervention.

Step7: On completion of the process EasyRe will report you its findings and you may continue to boot your system by clicking on “Restart” button. 

Step8: As soon as PC loads, check if a disk read error occurred is still there. 


Method 4 Examine RAM Memory


This method is useful in some situations, like if you added new RAM memory to your system recently. A faulty RAM or RAM slot may also result in disk read error, therefore, testing RAM is important. For this, you can remove the recently added RAM modules or leave only one single RAM module. Afterwards, start the computer again. Process is totally safe and non-destructive.


All four methods are sufficient enough to troubleshoot a disk read error occurred. It’s not necessary to perform all methods, you may stop when an error is fixed. Since methods are fast and efficient, they will not take much time. We hope this article would have helped you in ending this annoyance.


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