Fixed: 0x0000007B Error On Your Windows System

There are high chances that you already know about Blue Screen Errors, especially if you are a long-term Windows user. So if you are among one of those who frequently encounter that annoying Blue Screen labelling error named 0x0000007B then no worries because we are here to help you. This post is all about 0x0000007B error and by the end, you will definitely get the solution. Go ahead and enjoy the reading journey.

What Is 0x0000007B Error?

Suppose you receive the following error message- “Stop 0x0000007B” while working on your Windows system then this means that an error has occurred. During this process, your computer suddenly loses access to the system partition during startup. As of now, this problem is very common over Microsoft’s Windows NT based operating system, so nothing to panic about.  This always appears on a Stop Message famously called a Blue Screen Of Death.

What Is The Cause Of 0x0000007B Error?

Before jumping on solutions it is very important to know the real cause of error so that we can guess the right solution. Therefore, this part of the article describes issues that can generate this Stop Error. Usually, this error arrives because of device driver issues mainly related to a hard drive and other storage controllers. Apart from this, there are some more system majors like presence of harmful viruses and data corruption which may result in Stop Code. In very extreme cases some type of hardware issue can also be responsible for inconvenience caused by 0x0000007B error.

Multiple methods are present to fix A disk read error occurred and here we will discuss all core ways to fix this a disk read error occurred.

Ways To Fix 0x0000007B Error

In order to fix this problem, we listed a few simple ways with good to go steps so that you do not need to run for advanced help. All you have to do is to solve the problem by just following the directions below.

Way1) Restart Your Computer

If an error is because of some lame reasons then normal restarting will work. Check for any recently downloaded apps and device drivers, if present then uninstall them before restarting your computer. Confirm that all hard disk cables are connected properly and the device driver is compatible with your Windows version. 

Way2) Repair corrupted system files

SFC called as system file checker is Windows built-in tool to scan and repair if computer’s system files automatically. Users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 can use SFC command to repair system corrupted files. This is five steps simple method and to avoid any mistakes follow the roadmap to run SFC-

Step1: Download Disc and boot from your computer to proceed with this method.

Step2: Select time, proper languages and keyboard input then you will be directed to the next screen. Choose “Repair your Computer” option.

Step3: In this third step, go for Windows installation drive and then hit “Next”. 

Step4: After clicking on Next, a System Recovery Box will appear in which you have to search for Command Prompt option.

Step5: Here you have to do a little bit of typing for writing the following command- 

[sfc /scannow /offbootdir=D:\ /offwindir=D:\Windows\],  and afterwards press “Enter”.

Once all steps are done and missing files are successfully resolved then your PC’s console output should look exactly like this as shown in image.

Way3) Disk checking using CHKDSK utility

Again just like SFC, this is also a built-in Windows feature to search for corrupted system files. Use this tool if the hard drive has its file integrity compromised. Fixing file errors is super easy with method. All steps are similar to the SFC method so no new strategy.

Step1: Repeat the first step of Way 2 of installing Disc.

Step2: Again select proper language, time and keyboard input as you must have done in the second step of Way 2. Then choose “Repair your computer”.

Step3: Afterwards, Select Windows installation drive and push “Next”.

Step4: When System Recovery Box appears then select Command Prompt.

Step5: Type the following command- [chkdsk C: /f] and carefully replace letter C with the letter of the drive where Windows is installed.

Step6: Hit “Enter”.

Once everything is done PC’s console output should look like this. This is image is just for an example.

Way4) Check drive for viruses

So yes as you know that infected system with any malware or virus-like a boot-sector virus, is more likely to have 0x0000007B error. Therefore, it becomes necessary to run an antivirus scan in order to remove all viruses from our PC. Possibly this may lead to fix this unwanted BSOD error. You are free to choose any modern updated antivirus scanner but if you don’t know which one to use then I will recommend the Virus Scanner of Easy Recovery Essentials. Now follow the mentioned steps to quickly remove all infections from your expensive device-

Step1: Of course the first step would be to download the Easy Recovery Essentials.

Step2: Next is to carefully Burn the image as making a bootable CD can be treacherous.

Step3: Boot your computer.

Step4: However, you will see many options but you have to choose the Virus Scanner.

Step5: As it will scan the full system so it might take a few minutes, till then you can wait.

Way5) Rebuild boot files

For this, you do not need to download any other software because Easy Recovery Essentials is capable of resolving hitches caused by missing or misconfigured boot.ini and BCD. Its in-built automated repair feature is amazing. No other unique steps are required just blindly follow first three steps of Way 4. Afterwards, follow the next set of steps which are listed below-

Step1: As shown in the image below, choose the ”Automated Repair” option.

0x0000007B error

Step2: Identify and select the drive letter for your Windows installation as soon as EasyRE scans your PC’s drivers.

0x0000007B error

Step3: Click on the “Automated Repair” to start the process.

0x0000007B error

Step4: Now as EsayRe’s repair is fully automated thus no intervention is required. 

Step5: EasyRE will report its findings on time and then you can click on “Restart” to boot your device.

This will fix the 0x0000007B error as your PC begins to load.


Finally, you reached the end of this post and hopefully, this would have helped in fixing 0x0000007B error. The steps were written in a very layman language so that you don’t get confused still if you face any problem then please let us know through comments. 


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