garageband for pc

GarageBand for PC

 Apple developed an audio program, GarageBand that is used by some household names to produce music. The audio program is one of the most popular out there but is available only to the Apple users. There is no Window version for the program but there are ways available if someone wishes to enjoy the benefits of the app that can make the app work on Windows. Given below is the complete step by step method to download and install the GarageBand for PC . The method is really simple and useful and can be installed if you follow the steps carefully.zx 


How To Download GarageBand For PC

There is only one way to use GarageBand in Windows and that is by creating a Mac virtual machine. If your Windows PC has the resource to run a VM version then it is the only possible way to install the GarageBand app on PC. For making this work, you will need a copy of macOS Sierra and also a copy of VirtualBox. Though various android emulators can be used for the work VMWare emulator won’t harm your system so prefer this over others. You can decide it by knowing what kind of processor does your system uses.

Intel-Based Processor– If your PC works on intel-based processor then the best way to get the app is by using the VMWare method.

AMD-V– If your PC works on AMD then you already know that not all AMD-processors support AMD-V which is a major requirement for running a Virtual-based OS on your Windows PC. If you want to know whether your PC supports AMD-V then follow the steps given below.

Steps To Check If Your PC Supports AMD-V

Step 1-From the official AMD site you are required to download the AMD-V compatibility checker. 

Garageband For Pc
Garageband For Pc


Step 2-As the download gets completed, open the Compressed folder and from there extract it using Winrar.


Step3-Now you must open the folder and as an administrator run “AMD Hyper-V” 


Step 4-From your BIOS enables it. Once you complete the steps you will know whether your PC supports AMD-V or not as if it does not support then the android emulator may work but there will be a problem with the functioning of the emulator.



How To Get macOS Sierra

Firstly, for making it work you need to enable virtualization from the Bios. If you do not turn it on you will face several errors and so forget not to do so.

Step 1– You need to download the macOS Sierra

Step 2-As the VMWare workstation player is a freeware you need to download and install it.

Step 3-Now using Winrar extract the MacOS folder.

Garageband For PC
Garageband for pc

Step4– Now open the folder macOS Sierra>MacOS Sierra 10.12tools and finally the YouTube folder>unlocker208.

Step 5– You should run Win-install as Administrator

Step 6– A pop-up will appear that will prompt command, which Windows will be made aware by MacOS about the changes made after taking the permissions.

Step 7-Now launch the VMWare on your desktop.

Step 8-Click on the option of “Open Virtual Machine”

Step 9-A pop-up will appear and you have to navigate it to macOS Sierra- macOS Sierra 10.12 tools- final YouTube folder and then to MacOS Sierra folder. There you need to select the option of OS.

Step 10– You are required to click on the option of “Edit Virtual Machine”

Step 11-Now you need to select the number of processor cores (two is recommended if your processor is Quadcore)

Step 12-The number of RAM you need to dedicate to VMWare is selected in this step (if your RAM is 8GB then you should make it 4GB in the machine)


macOS Sierra Boot

The steps are really simple to follow and can be done in no time.

Step 1-The VMWare workstation 10 and Play Virtual Machine are required to be launched

Step 2-On your Windows screen the Apple Logo will start showing up and will take about 5-10 minutes to load completely

Garageband for pc
Garageband for pc

Step 3-A option to select your country will appear, fill in that

Step 4-You will be asked to select the language for your keyboard.

Step 5-On the pop-up screen select on the third option that is “Don’t transfer any information now”

Step 6-Now for better productivity of the apps you need to enable your location

Step 7-An Apple ID must be crested or Signed up from the panel itself as you will need it further

Step 8-The terms and conditions that appear on your screen must be accepted

Step 9-When asked about setting up iCloud keychain select the second option and move further

Step 10-You need to select your time zone as it is important

Step 11-Finally MacOS will start setting up and usually takes about one to ten minutes to finish

Step 12-Here the new desktop, have a look at it


Installation Of The GarageBand For PC

For installing the GarageBand app, go to Apple Store and in there search for the app. When the search results come up to select the first one and download it.

This is the only method to download the GarageBand app for free.

Note- For enjoying the benefits of the app and for downloading and installing it you need to have an active Apple ID just like you have one for Google Play Store. If you were unable to create an Apple ID then go back from the setup and you can create the ID online using the Official Apple Site.



The above-mentioned method is useful and will help you to get the app and enjoy its benefits. there is even another method which is not so common that id by using a Rare Software as it not reliable and has got a huge virus-risk which in turn will end up harming your computer. But the above-mentioned method is completely safe and will cost you nothing so install the app to enjoys the benefits of the apple users on your Windows that too without having to buy an Apple product.



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