Kmode exception not handled

How To Fix KMode Exception Not Handled Error

The error kmode exception not handled is a Blue Screen of Death or is a type of STOP error that sometimes occurs in the window-based operating systems and the technicalities of the error are in-depth and more than little dry.

The bug that corrupts the system contains a value of 0x0000001E and the error is generally triggered by a faulty driver which can cause your restart again and again or can even lead to abrupt shut down which results in a restart loop.

This error states that the error handler is unable to catch the exception generated by a kernel-mode program. When the application overwrites each other memory which causes errors or can even crash the software or a full system crash in case of a blue screen. The most common culprit that causes the error is a problematic driver.

About The Error

The problem generally occurs due to any faulty hardware device or due to its incompatible drive or any recently installed software program, corrupt or conflicting system services, etc. To solve the error the administrator needs to start the system in safe mode and must make the appropriate necessary modifications.

The issue is not always serious and can usually be fixed with a simple reboot but it sometimes appears, again and again, kmode exception not handled being one of them. As the issue is not so serious it can be fixed in minutes if you follow the steps given below.

How to solve the issue?

Quick fix for the issue

For the issue of kmode exception not handled, Windows 10’s Fast Startup catalyzes the issue. It is the feature of the Windows feature that allows for fast recovery from hibernation and shutdown, but it means that the driver problems already present gets loaded back. By disabling Fast Startup one can make their system stays up for longer or can even fix the problem entirely.

Follow the steps given below to disable Fast Start up-:

Step 1 – In the windows search bar, search for “Control panel” and select the corresponding result.

Step 2 – Now select “Choose what the power buttons do” on the left-hand menu.

Step 3 – Select the blue link “Change settings that are currently available” at the top of the page if prompted.

Step 4 – Now unmark the option “Turn on Fast Startup”, which will be found under the heading “Shutdown settings”.

Step 5 – Now finally after doing it all click on “Save changes”.

Kmode exception not handled
Kmode exception not handled

If even after following the steps properly, you still face the problem of kmode exception error or if you want to fix the problem without losing its benefits, try tackling the problem at its source.

The problem could be with your RAM

If the problem still exists then you might have a hardware issue that has caused corruption to the driver. If the issue is with your driver then the most likely culprit is your RAM. Windows’ own memory diagnostics tool can be used to find out if the fault is with the RAM. Follow the steps given below for resolving the problem-:

Step 1 – In the windows search bar, search for “Memory Diagnostic” and select the corresponding result.

Step 2- If you need to save any existing work click on “check for problems the next time I start my device” or if you are ready then simply click on the button “Restart now”  and check for problems corrupting your system.

Step 3 – Now just wait until the scan gets completed during the reboot. If any hard errors are found during the scan it is most likely the fault in your RAM that could be the reason behind the blue screen you have been facing.

Step 4 – For the issue try removing and reseating the RAM to make sure the connection wasn’t loose. If it does not work then you need to replace the problematic disk or can even buy a whole new set.

Kmode exception not handled
Kmode exception not handled

Update the Driver

As the problem is generally caused due to the problem in the driver, updating the driver can often fix the issue. For doing this you must know that the problem is with your driver. It completely depends upon your system but fortunately, windows generally give you a good indication about the real culprit. You can see the typical error “Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled” which is followed by a name in the bracket. The name in the bracket is of the driver that is causing the problem and the one that we need to update. Follow the steps given below to rectify the error after you have completed the search for the corrupted driver to find out what hardware it is related to.

Step 1 – Click on the windows search bar and search “Device Manager” and then click on the corresponding entry.

Step 2 – The hardware that corresponds to the driver error needs to be found and then right-click it. Now, from the drop-down menu options choose “Update driver” option and wait for the choices to appear.

Step 3 – When the choice appears to select the option of “Search automatically for updated driver software” and then wait until the process gets completed.

If still, the problem occurs you should check your motherboard manufacturer’s website to check if there is a new driver release or you can even google the hardware to see if the driver needs an add-in card or other hardware. If this is the issue then download it and then update the driver manually during the third step by selecting the option “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Kmode exception not handled
Kmode exception not handled


The blue screen of death that used to appear in the Windows when something went wrong has been a part of the PC problem for quite a long time but now is not a commonly faced problem. But if the problem still occurs then follow the above given methods according to the error and rectify it easily.The process can take time to complete but once completed you will have a system that no longer shows Kmode Exception blue screen error and will work smoothly like before.



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