Fixed: Error Loading Operating System In Windows 10

What Exactly Is “Error Loading Operating System”?

A black screen with an error message “Error Loading Operating System” is what we are talking about. You all might have witnessed this pesky black screen whenever you tried to boot your Windows PC. There is no alternative message for this error and your screen will show exactly like this. We can take it under symptoms of this error.

Most of you would have got tensed about whether there is something wrong with my device. Let me tell you peeps that such errors are totally normal on Windows platform and at some level you don’t even need to visit service center. We designed this article to give you a notion of how to handle this black screen. 

What causes “Error Loading Operating System”?

As you know that error occurs when the computer operating system does not load. Now you must be thinking that what on earth makes your computer’s operating system work improperly. For this, you need to read further to find the real reasons behind the Error Loading Operating System. 

  • People often complained about this error after installing or reinstalling the Operating System.
  • If your PC is under control of some sort of virus or is seriously damaged then this error may appear because in this case operating system can not access the system files to boot properly.
  • A very common reason is when a hard disk is not partitioned properly as it affects loading operating system on a regular basis.
  • Cases like sudden power loss, power surges or system crash could also result in “Error Loading Operating System”.
  • Outdated BIOS that doesn’t support big hard drive.

There are high chances that you already know about Blue Screen Errors, we listed a few simple ways to fix 0x0000007B error !

Probably, you would have found that cause because of which you encounter Black Screen. Now when you know the reasons then it’s easy to find out solutions. 

Methods To Fix This Error Loading Operating System

Basically, I included all ways that could fix the above causes to make this post capable of helping people of all categories. So let’s get started with the solutions.

Using Easy Recovery Essentials

The very first step a person should use in such cases is to do full system scanning. To accomplish this task you may choose any software but I would recommend Easy Recovery Essentials. It’s automated repair option is most pleasing feature.

Follow these steps to run Easy Recovery Essentials

Step1: Download the correct version of Easy Recovery Essentials.

Step2: When installing is done then burn the image carefully.

Step3: Boot your system using USB which you created or Easy Recovery Essentials is also an option.

Step4: Choose the Automated Repair option and select ” Continue” while the program is running.

Error Loading Operating System

Step5: EasyRe will do a full system scan and after this identify and select the drive letter for your Windows installation from the list. Click on Automated Repair option to start the process of repairing.

Error Loading Operating System

Step6: While analysing drive if EasyRe will find errors it will try to automatically correct it.

Step7: EasyRe will report its searching to you with your intervention.

Step8: Restart your computer to test the changes.

Error Loading Operating System

Update BIOS

Updating BIOS needs your attention because carelessness can result in data loss. Make sure that power supply is adequate to save BIOS firmware from getting corrupted. Always practice before doing it in practical or you can also read given steps twice for better understanding.

Step1: Note down the make and model of your computer’s motherboard. You can check the user manual for this purpose.

Step2: Open System Information App and type “System Information” in the search bar. Now choose “System Summary” this will display the correct BIOS version on your system’s screen.

Step3: Download that BIOS version.

Step4: Update the BIOS.

Step5: As soon as the update is done, restart your computer to check if error loading operating system is gone or not.

Rebuild the BCD using bootrec.exe

Use this method for solving error loading operating system on your Windows 7, 8 and 10. As this process differs from system to system therefore, we suggest you to check the present Windows version of your PC and then read articles related to that.

Step1: First you need to insert your Windows 7 install disc.

Step2: Now Restart your computer then boot from the CD.

Step3: Press any key on the keyboard when screen instructs to do so.

Step4: Select language, time and keyboard method.

Step5: Choose Repair your computer.

Step6: Opt for Windows installation drive and hit “Next”.

Step7: Select Command Prompt from System Recovery Options and type the following command-    





Step8: Press ” Enter’. Up till now, the error should vanish but if it still exists then go for the next solution.

Reinstall Windows OS

Above solutions work in most of the cases but if not then most probably there might be some problems in program files and folders of your Windows Operating System. Damaged files and folders results in “error loading Operating System”. This basically means that hard drive is alright and you need to reinstall the Windows Operating System. Reinstalling will definitely fix this error and you will get back your speedily working computer.


Finally, all methods are done and you may try any of the above ways to troubleshoot this particular error. Henceforth, you don’t have to worry about such problems. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with Windows users. Go ahead and give your feedback as it is very important to us for analyzing your needs.


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