How To Become A Full-time Freelance Content Writer and Earn Money Online? 

If you are a regular blogger or you want to pursue your career in content writing or as a freelance writer, you have arrived at the right corner. 

Just think that you are the supreme, you don’t have to report, and you can work from home. 

Yes, I have been doing this for about 5 years now and it’s been a great journey from working under an employer to working all by yourself

It gave me the flexibility to work anytime and anywhere that I wanted. Also further allowed me the freedom to work with both national and international clients. 

Let me take you through my experience of starting my career with blogging and eventually being a full-time content writer

I was tired of the round circle that my 9 to 6 job provided me with. It required time-bound activities that were taking a toll on my health. I became overweight and anxious.

It was time to finally opt for a change and that is what I did.

How I Became a Full-Time Writer With Good Earnings?

I was not able to settle down with my family since I had to travel a lot for my work. It’s just that I am doing my job for the sake of money and just doing that.  At that point, I discovered this knack. This knack was instilled within me or you may rather say that I had a flair of writing during my college days. But due to competition and our day to day busy lifestyle, I wasn’t able to concentrate on blogging, which was my hobby during college. 

Then I start writing social media blogs for a startup with the help of my friend’s referral. At that point, they didn’t have the money to hire experienced freelancers and I was given the majority of the tasks. It was a perfect opportunity and the journey Kickstarter from there. I started to find work online via Facebook groups, fiver, and other platforms & started making good money after 5-6 months of being into this field.

I built a good portfolio by working in lesser payouts and then eventually started to raise the fee that I charged per word that I wrote. {Later, I planned my own startup with some of my friends where I would be the lead writer as well as the manager. However, there’s still time for the startup to begin.}

So, if you are someone who wants to change the career path towards freelance content writing or maybe you are tired of the boring job, it’s time to pull up your shocks. It’s time to hone up your hidden writing skills. I am sure your passion will surely be your profession and if you love blogging, then the market is wide open for you. 

So below-listed are tips and Tricks for Sure Shot Achievement:

Select Your Favorite Area

Whether it’s a restaurant or a fintech startup or a two-wheeler app, it is important to get a market for your services. First and foremost you need to find out what intrigues you. Follow the below points so that you can build a strong expertise and create a good audience base.

  1. First, have a look at those sites, which are really helpful and you are having good knowledge of that.
  2. Find out your hobbies.
  3. The topics which can attract a good number of audience
  4. Areas of professional experience

Also, there can be multiple options for you, you might tend to have a knack on the stock market, or you can be a fitness lover. Maybe you try to explore the Himalayas or the world around you then you are a travel freak. For me, it’s social media marketing. 

Know About Yourself and What Fits in That

One of the major hindrances, which people tend to face, is what to write for. If you figure out your area of interest, then it becomes a cakewalk for you to flourish. 

What are the skills that you have already and do you translate that into a writing career? So, try to find out these answers and you will be a step closer to your destination.

Create a Good Portfolio

When you are perplexed about freelance writing, then you might land up something which has no market. It’s difficult to find a writing job when you don’t have a proper build-up. You might be thinking of where to provide a guest post. You should connect with those bloggers of your niche to get your job done. 

I started with writing public blog posts for my friend’s website and he helped me out with more contacts. I sent them many guest posts that were published for free. Finally, I was hired. 

Invest Time in Yourself

When I started my career, I was a novice. Initially, there was a struggling phase since I don’t have any prior experience or exposure. So, I listened to the feedback given by writers on social media channels. Also, I undertake a course that packages everything and is easily understandable.

Moreover, if you are starting initially with your own content, then you need to invest which can be a risk. But as we all know, if you dare to take risks then only you can taste the pinnacle of success. It might seem to be a little upfront, but if you are truly passionate about it, then the ROI will be worthwhile.

Build Network

Networking is something that can take your business in a new direction. Initially, you can raise funds through good networking.  Moreover, creating portfolios and sharing your content on social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram can reap your business. You can create a dedicated Facebook page to target your audience group. Moreover, you will find tips and jobs in several freelancer groups if you post your content.

Monitor Your Earning and Set a Path

Each and every writer should have some definite goals. It can be the daily or monthly or hourly goal. If you don’t have a proper objective, you won’t find your way out. So break it down into fragments and try to achieve it daily. Setting a specific target enhances your efficiency as well. If you are an Indian writer, you can easily get started with earning INR.15, 000 to INR. 50,000 or more per month.

Well, this completely depends on how much you are charging per word and how much work you can take up and deliver on time. An experienced writer can opt for hiring a team and take up extra work and earn more. However, it’s equally important that the quality is delivered to avoid any issues later.

Know how to Pitch

When you are starting your journey as a freelancer, always try to pitch newer ideas and try to showcase your career so that you get new clients. The majority of the freelancers achieve their target through a proper pitch that can pay them a good amount. But in order to strategize this, you need to know what to pitch and how to do it effectively.

To Sum It Up

Starting a career in freelancing is not an easy job. It requires sheer will force, and determination. But tell me one thing which success story is picture-perfect. Since we are at the crossroads of our career, let me share some valuable tips with you. 

Moreover, you may not find the best paying job at your portal since you are a beginner. But if you are good at your work, begin your own site or blog, develop a good portfolio, keep your good online visibility- success will bound to come.

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