15 Ways to Earn Money from Blog in 2022

You need regular consistent traffic to monetize your blog. 

Your primary goal should be to generate traffic through quality content If you are at a beginner level. 

Once you have more than 2000 monthly visitors then you should think about how to earn money from blog.

I have listed 15 different ways to earn money from a blog in this article. Use a maximum of 2 ways in the starting based on your niche.

15 Ways on How to Earn Money from Blog in 2022

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to monetize my blog.

You can earn money from affiliate marketing by recommending products and services that you have used or still using. Help people with genuine product or service reviews and earn commission in return when they buy using your affiliate link.

You can earn by joining affiliate networks like 

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • CJ.com
  • ShareASale.com 
  • ClickBank
  • MaxBounty

You can find direct advertisers on

  • BuySellads
  • OIO Publisher networks
  • AdClerks
  • Puxee.com

#2. Sell Your Own Digital Products

On your blog, you can sell various digital products like 

  • E-books
  • Swipe files
  • Graphics and digital art
  • Stock Photos
  • Printables and templates

E-books are the most common digital product to start selling. The articles and blog posts can be easily turned into an e-book which can be sold to earn money. 

But you need to have expertise on the subject matter and there should be readers who trust that the book will be a useful buy. 

#3. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the easiest and most used way to monetize your blog. You just need to get Adsense account approval and allocate spaces for showing ads.

Do you think earning using Google Adsense makes sense by impacting user experience? 

And that too for just a few dollars. Yes, I generally don’t recommend Google Adsense as it is not the right way to monetize because 

  • Placing too many ads gives a bad user experience and make your website look cheap.
  • You hardly earn $0.01 to $0.03 per CPC. In India, your CPC could touch a maximum of  $0.10.
  • You lose a valuable visitor as he clicks the ads.  

I listed Google AdSense in this article on how to make money from the blog as many bloggers monetize their blogs from Google Adsense.

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#4. Non-Google Ads Platform

Sometimes you may not get Google Adsense to account approval because Google has very strict and rigid Terms of Service (TOS).

In such a scenario you can use other non-Google ads platforms. 

These platforms have easy approval terms as compared to Adsense but give you low traffic.

The non-Google platform you can use for ads to earn money are:

  • Media.net
  • Infolinks
  • PropellerAds Media
  • RevContent

#5. Direct Display Ads for Client

Google Adsense and other ads platforms make sense when you are just starting out.

But once you have a brand, online visibility, and have good traffic, then you can reach out to direct advertisers which will help you earn more from the same ad space.

You can earn by displaying banner ads of the companies usually on the top of your blog. 

#6. Provide Freelance Services 

Today freelancing is a mainstream activity in the growing gig culture.

You can use your blog to list the freelancing services you provide. The blog is a ready portfolio of work to showcase your expertise and sell freelancing services. 

The other way around, you can also freelance for the skills you have gained while building and growing your blog. This can be content writing, SEO, troubleshooting websites and even managing social media platforms. 

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#7. Launch Course

You can teach your audiences the expertise you have gained in your blogging journey, to earn money. 

You can guide a lot of action takers to help them in setting up their blog through your courses. Many people build up blogs after learning blogging and content writing through online courses.

#8. Host Paid Webinar 

Webinar helps you in getting direct contact with your target group. You can gauge target audiences by interacting with them through chats, polls, videos, and slides. 

You can deliver tremendous value by sharing knowledge, testing audiences live for their interest areas and further help them solve their problems.  

For hosting a paid webinar you can charge Rs. 99 per webinar. You get new leads and build new relationships through paid webinars.

#9. Run Paid Newsletter 

If you want to get involved with other people for

You can help readers on starting up an online business by sharing insights and personal experiences.  

You can deliver value to your readers and earn by running a paid newsletter because the newsletter helps to

  • Increase engagement
  • Builds community
  • Build loyal followers
  • Builds a valuable database

#10. Start an E-commerce Business With WooCommerce

You can integrate e-commerce with your blog and sell various third-party products and earn money. You can do this with the help of a WooCommerce plugin.

For example, you can look at Dr. Hema Priya’s parenting website mylittlemoppet.com where she has integrated e-commerce on her blog.  The shop lets her readers purchase baby foods, health mixes, healthy drinks for babies of various ages, toddlers, and families.

Likewise, if you have a fitness blog, you can sell smartwatches, fitness accessories, and fitness trackers. You can create products with your brand name and sell them in your online store.

#11. Provide Consulting Service 

If you are good at content marketing, you can provide content marketing services to startups.

Over a period of time, you might have gained some special skills and expertise while building and growing your blog which you can offer as a service to earn money online

Remember you need to have in-depth knowledge and expertise to start consulting service which could be of value for the customers. 

#12. Sponsor Posts

A sponsored post is a blog post for which you are paid to publish on your blog. It is a one-time activity where you can write a sponsored post on companies’ products and services on your blog and earn money. 

Various companies approach bloggers for a sponsored posts to advertise and reach new audiences. 

Here are a few tips to get started with a sponsored post:

  • Clean your blog and make it look professional 
  • Build up your audience 
  • Write about products which are useful to readers 
  • Look what other blogs having similar traffic charge

#13. Brand Collaboration 

While sponsored posts are a one-time activity, brand collaboration is an ongoing activity where you are a partner in brand promotion. It requires to be continuously engaged in creating and promoting brand awareness.

Here brands reach out to bloggers for long term association where you collaborate multiple times and in multiple ways through various social media platforms like blogs, FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You attend workshops or promotional events held by the company to connect with people and learn in-depth about products.

The collaboration involves covering various aspects of the company and its products. It involves mentioning their vision, core values, and brands in your videos, social media, blog posts.

#14. Paid Product Reviews

Companies at the time of new product launches look for bloggers and influencers for product reviews to increase product awareness to boost sales. Influencers with a large audience base can help in viral promotions.

You can earn a fixed commission or as a percentage of revenue when you write a product review post. It helps your audiences in buying useful products. 

But before jumping onto reviews just check that the;

  • Product fits the theme of your blog
  • The product you are reviewing  provides value to audiences
  • Turn down any unethical company requests
  • Check deliverables like the number of words, links and social media sharing

#15. Earn Money by Flipping Websites

In website flipping, first, you buy an existing website and add value by improving its content, giving professional design, optimizing for search engines. Thereby attracting more traffic, improving engagement and revenues. Later on, you sell it for 20x or more and earn money. 

Flipping websites start with buying one. So you need to invest money upfront. Plus it requires skill to pick websites along with time & expertise to enhance its value.

I will not suggest website flipping when you are starting out because if you go wrong you will end up losing money. 

#16. Create a Paid Membership Portal on Your Blog 

If you have a blog with a highly-engaged audience, you can create a paid membership portal on your blog. 

Membership portal creates a community for engaging and sharing ideas which include exclusive written content, podcasts, and videos. Membership portals can be used to find, test and promote new products and ideas.

Membership fees depend on the value you deliver. There are high-priced membership portals like Dynamite Circle, the annual membership fee is $499. 

Platforms to build membership portals 

  • Member Press
  • SubHub
  • Digital Access Pass
  • EasyMemberPro


If you are planning to start a blog to monetize it, then you should first concentrate on building relevant quality content which will deliver value to your readers. Increase engagement and solve the pain points of your readers. 

Apart from blogging, you can earn a handsome amount of money from freelancing. Once your blog starts getting regular traffic, you can monetize the blog with affiliate marketing. You can try other monetization methods once you have the requisite expertise in your niche.

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