Fixed: Class Not Registered Error For Windows 10

When we speak of errors then there are many and Class not registered error is one of them. Probably, you must have encountered this fault on your Windows 10 laptop. However, the error is annoying but at the same time, it is repairable. Therefore, there is nothing to panic about as you are not alone in this race.

Error has the capability to affect almost all software and even some users have reported that Google Chrome is not functioning because of Class not registered error. We all know that this thing is troubling. So basically what happens during this error is that when you try to open some apps, it fails and you will see the following message on the display screen Class Not Registered Error.

Causes Of Class Not Registered Error

Multiple reasons are present which causes this error and we will discuss them here in this paragraph. Generally, this error shows after an upgrade to Windows 10 or due to program with unregistered DLL Files. Users face a lot of problems because of this Windows-specific error. It is observed that error appeared while trying to open or download pdf files.

People also often complained about Error Loading Operating System after installing or reinstalling the Operating System

Methods To Fix Class Not Registered Error

Now let’s discover some recommended ways to troubleshoot this error. Fortunately, methods are quite simple are not time taking. Methods listed below cover all troubles so that all our readers could use the information of this article in fixing Class not registered error. 

Method1: Re-register the ExplorerFrame.dll file

This method may help you if internet explorer keeps crashing and shows Class not registered error.

Step1: Press the Windows key and X together and then select Command Prompt from the menu as shown in the image.

Class not registered error


Step2: Paste this code [regsvr32 ExplorerFrame.dll] as soon as command prompt starts.

Class not registered error

Step3: Hit Enter to run it.

Method2: Disable iCloud

Some users reported that this fault also appears because of iCloud and if this is the case then one needs to stop iCloud with Task Manager. For doing so follow these steps-

Step1: Start Task Manager and for this press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Step2: As soon as Task Manager opens search for iCloud and right-click on it.

Class not registered error

Step3: Choose End Task.

Besides this, there is one more way to disable Cloud using Task Manager. 


Step1: Go to the StartUp tab which you will find in the Task Manager.


Class not registered error


Step2: Find iCloud and right-click on it.



Step3: Choose Disable.

Method3: Convert Default Image Viewer to Windows Photo Viewer

As you know that this error is common when you try to view .jpg files, and to fix it you should set your default image viewer to Windows photo viewer. This might erase Class not registered error.

Step1: Download .reg file and run it, as this file will enable Windows Photo Viewer after changing your registry on PC.

Step2: Right-click on any picture on your PC.

Step3: Choose “open with” from the menu and expand it, here you will find an option labelled as “Choose Another App”. Select it.


Step4: Now from the whole list select Windows Photo Viewer. Keep in mind that if you only wish to use this app then always open .jpg files.

Class not registered error


Step5: Click OK and save changes.

Method4: Start Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service

Step1: Click on Windows key and R simultaneously then type following code “services.msc”. Hit Enter to open Windows services.

Step2: Find Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service and right-click on it.

Step3: Under Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service, choose properties and confirm that its startup type is set to Automatic.

Step4: Right-click on it again and select start.

Step5: Check if the error is gone or not and if the answer is negative then continue with the next solution.

Method5: Fix DCOM Errors 

Here DCOM stands for Distributed component object model errors and to fix it follow the listed instructions.

Step1: Press the Windows key and R simultaneously on the keyboard. Now type the following command “dcomcnfg” and hit enter to open component services.



Step2: On expanding component services you will see “computers” choose it and then select “my computer”. As shown in the below image open DCOM config.



Step3: If a box pop-ups asking you to register any of the components then choose “Yes”. It may happen several times depending upon the unregistered components.



Step4: Just stop everything and Restart your PC. Wait don’t forget to check whether the issue is solved or not.


As far as I know, this post consists of all the required information to tackle this situation and we hope that you would have learned a lot through this piece of writing. At last, what matters the most for us is your positive feedback so do not forget to share via comments as it would be helpful for analysing. We wish you good luck in getting your Windows 10 out of Class not registered error.

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