15 Best Stop Motion Apps For Android & iOS

An animated technique of film creation, where objects’ time, place and posture are physically manipulated using technology, in this case, mobile apps, is known as stop motion animation. The apps formulating these are best stop motion apps.

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15 Best Stop Motion Applications That Are A Must Try

The animation is both a next-generation hobby as well as the future of graphic art. While stop motion creation can be tough, these applications will guide you through hard work.

  1. Funmotion
  2. PicPac Stop Motion and Time Lapse
  3. Stop Motion Maker
  4. GIFMob
  5. Lego
  6. StickDraw
  7. I Can Animate
  8. iMotion
  9. ClayFrames
  10. Frame Lapse
  11. Stop Motion Studio
  12. Stik Bot Studio
  13. Stop Motion
  14. Bottom Line
  15. Stop Motion Café
  16. OSnap
  17. Lapse It
  18. Stop Motion Movie

Here are the most useful and popular apps used worldwide for distance calculation.

10 Best Stop Motion Apps

Here is the list of the best stop motion apps, with expanded details for you to understand and choose from.


best stop motion apps

Rating: 3.4/5
Size: 14 MB
Creator: Niltava Labs

Funmotion claims to provide a very funny and easy way to stop motion creation apps. All you have to do is tap and hold to record your video and use it continuously to create the sequence for your clip. There is a tick button which finalizes and saves your clip permanently. Various time-lapses can also be created using this app. The time gap or rate depends on the number of times you tap the screen during the video.

PicPac Stop Motion and Time Lapse

best stop motion apps

Rating: 4/5
Size: 36 MB
Creator: Animatives

PicPac Stop Motion and Time Lapse is another best stop motion apps used widely for stop motion animation. Further, this app also lets you post the videos directly to your YouTube channel, for free. Although you will require to make an account and sign in for uploading videos over YouTube. You can use pictures and videos from your gallery or shoot them, take time-lapses and everything else through this app.

Stop Motion Maker

Rating: 3.8/5
Size: 84 MB
Creator: Bolandia Creative Inc

Stop Motion Maker promises to simplify the process of creating time-lapses and stop motion videos. This application comes with the best gift ever, no advertisements. You can document your day-to-day life or some special journey, in short clips, videos, pictures, and even looped motion videos. It also comes with an opacity slicer, i.e. can create a ghosted image by editing an already taken snap. You can edit, re-align, put filters, and adjust the speed of your pictures and videos.


best stop motion apps

Rating: 4.1/5
Size: 12 MB

GIFMob is a stop motion video app that specializes in GIF, as much as the name suggests. It has an amazingly easy interface which allows you to make videos and GIF with an unlimited number of pictures. This app also consists of a camera superposition mode. The videos made are saved automatically in MP4 format. There is also a special animation view option to review and edit your work.


Rating: 4.2/5
Size: 65 MB
Creator: Lego System A/S

Lego lets you create and cruise amazingly inspirational videos and animation. This app requires absolutely no in-app purchases and has new levels every time. It also consists of new models, tools, and designs, to enhance your video altogether. Although the kids need special parental permission and constant guidance to use this app, no one can deny its versatility and uniqueness.


Rating: 4/5
Size: Varies With Device
Creator: Bingzer LLC

StickDraw is an app that, as the name suggests, lets you stick your fingers on the screen and draw. Use your fingers to easily move from one frame to another. Saving your work is very simple through this app, and your animation will be ready to be used, viewed and shared in seconds. Multiple graphics options like freeform, rectangle, line, and circles also exist. Lastly, you can also convert your animations into MP 4 format videos or even GIFs.

I Can Animate

best stop motion apps

Rating: 3.6/5
Size: 59 MB
Creator: Kudlian Software Ltd.

I Can Animate lets you create the best kind of animations just with your fingertips. There are no requirements for external cameras or cables or anything else. You can also add sound effects from the sound library, or create your own sound and use them. It will be saved in the gallery forever. This app also supports movie creation in Ultra High Definition, which is, without any doubt, four times the resolution of Full HD.


Rating: 4.3/5
Size: 89 MB
Creator: Fingerlab SARL

iMotion consists of a 4K UHD, 1080p, and 720p HD capture features. This app is majorly renowned for its ultra-speed for recording up to 10 fps. It also supports both portrait and landscape orientations. It is equally compatible with all Apple devices and is also supported by apple watch. You can easily take snaps, and arrange them with edits and music to transform them into a stop motion animation video within minutes. It also provides a reverse playback tool to make funny and unique animations.


Rating: 4/5
Size: 713 KB
Creator: Mr. Lightbox

ClayFrames is probably among the best rated and most popular stop motion applications. Although this one requires you to spend some money on installation, not me, the other users are telling you that is worth the service. It has an extremely rich set of professional tools and frames to let you make smooth but easy animations, anytime, anywhere. You can also preview your stop motion in a range of speeds before finalizing and saving your work.

Frame Lapse

Rating: 3.7/5
Size: 2.3 MB
Creator: Neximo Labs

Frame Lapse is a best stop motion apps that is widely used for its small size and lite version. It also consists of a frame interval to control the speed. Not only does it offer options to zoom and autofocus, but also, an inbuilt calculator to know the shot durations. It also has a self-timer, white balance manager, color effects tools, and exposure compensation.


Best Stop Motion Apps, animations and time-lapses are not just hobbies to enjoy. One can even develop a great career or start a business as an entrepreneur. The avenues for progress are unlimited, so start today and have the fame attached to your name.

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