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9 Best Offline Music Apps | Reviews & Ratings 2020

We all love listening to music. While we are travelling, sleeping, studying, eating, exercising, or even bathing, music is an omnipresent rhythm in our lives.

What Do Offline Music Apps Do?

In almost every music streaming app (especially the ones recommended in this article), there are options for saving or downloading your favorite music tracks to listen to, later. These features save data, and also make sure your current network speed or availability doesn’t affect your music.

9 Best Offline Music App

While online streaming helps us find new songs and get lyrics, it also takes away inconsiderable amounts of data and charge. Hence, these amazing offline music apps are essential to make sure we can enjoy without suffering.


Rating: 4.5/5
Price: Free/ Premium
Creator: Spotify Ltd.
Size: Varies With Device

Spotify is considered the best online platform for music lovers. It provides you with music, albums and podcasts. You can search for your preferred songs in a huge range of languages. This app also lets you create your own playlists, or take help from the suggested ones, they are amazing too. And, you can install the app on your android, apple phone, table, desktop, Chromecast, PlayStation, Speakers and TV. Although this app provides millions of curated playlists and songs you can’t find anywhere else for free, the premium version removes advertisements and makes enjoying music even better.


Rating: 4.6/5
Price: Free/Premium
Creator: Gamma Gaana Ltd.
Size: 22 MB

Gaana offers one of the best platforms for streaming music from a wide range of languages. You can download your favorite albums or haphazardly listen to random artists all in one app. You can also download lyrics of your favorite songs, along with millions of playlists handcrafted by experts. While there are a few advertisements, you can download the premium version and get rid of them permanently. The new update comes with playback speed control, sleep timer, etc.


Rating: 4.6/5
Price: Free/ Premium
Creator: SoundCloud
Size: 19 MB

SoundCloud is not just an offline music streaming platform, but it also consists of an open global community where anybody can upload any song or music from anywhere at any point of time. It claims to have the most diverse catalog of content present in the music world. Not only does SoundCloud provide business to well established musicians, but also provides a platform to aspiring and struggling artists. You also get to connect to artists and listeners directly, Woah!

Google Play Music

Rating: 4.1/5
Price: Free/ Premium
Creator: google LLC
Size: Varies With Device

Google Play Music, needless to say is a Google App. Google is literally everywhere. And we all know how good google is in doing things. This app not only has amazing customized songs, albums and playlists, but also can be used as a Radio. Yes, this has an inbuilt FM mode which allows you to listen to curated music and instantly start a radio station of your own. Yes, you can bring about 50,000 songs of your own, and this app will take care for promoting them.


Rating: 3.9/5
Price: Free/Premium
Creator: Saavn Media
Size: Varies With Device

Saavn offers music in the platforms of Alexa, ChromeCast, Google Chrome, Sonos, AirPlay, Androids and iOS. Although the songs, albums and playlists are for free, to avoid advertisements and to unlock exciting and amazing features, try the Pro version and you will never have to choose another music app ever again. This app offers amazing playlists, and the latest update also removed the few bugs that were creating issues in your music adventure.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Rating: 4.4/5
Price: Free/Premium
Creator: Amazon Mobile LLC
Size: Varies With Device

Amazon Music Unlimited is one of the mobile apps for music which doesn’t come for free. Although, once the app is purchased, it offers unlimited advertisement free listening to music streaming. Along with that, it also provides offline music listening options, giving access to over 50 million songs worldwide. You can save as many playlists as you want to, which will be available offline too.


Rating: 4.5/6
Price: Premium
Creator: Pindrop Music
Size: 58.3 MB

Flutin is an amazing app for all you Apple users. This app keeps a track of your digital footprints and provide you suggestions of songs and playlists based on your location, mood, frequent plays and genre preference. Since its apple, it also provides you with insights of what other people around or nearby you are listening to, hence lets you get all the updates pf the trends. You can create playlists and share them with your friends directly, and enjoy music, all for free.

Apple Music

Rating: 4/5
Price: Premium
Creator: Apple Inc.
Size: Varies With Device

Apple Music is a paid music streaming application, which is unlike other apple apps, available for both your iOS devices as well as android devices. There is a free subscription available for the first three months of your use. The subscriptions have different types like student, individual and family, with different rates. You can easily add songs to your favorites list and listen to them, online or offline. It also streams apple TV, along with music. Or, you can just ask Siri, and it will play songs based on artists, genres, or mood.


Rating: 4.5/5
Price: Free/Premium
Creator: Airtel
Size: 12 MB

Wynk Music provides high quality music streaming with non-stop music personally picked for you. You can follow artists and Playlists, programs and albums, and keep a track of every song that gets fame. You can also purchase songs and albums through this app. It streams songs at a very low internet speed and also lets you access the internet radio.

15 Offline Music Apps Used

Here is a compiled list of the most commonly used global music streaming apps.

  1. Spotify
  2. Gaana
  3. SoundCloud
  4. Google Play Music
  5. Saavn
  6. Amazon Music Unlimited
  7. Flutin
  8. Apple Music
  9. Wynk
  10. AIMP
  11. Music Player offline
  12. Pixel Player
  13. Deezer
  14. AudioMack
  15. RocketPlayer


While the premiums might seem a lot, we should not let this slip out of our minds that buying CD, DVDs, or albums were way more costly and involved a lot of hassle. The premiums should be seen as a mode to treat yourself with good music, while also taking care of the mood and relaxation. These apps are free otherwise and keeps a track of your choice to make sure you experience the best.

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