8 Best Mixer Grinder In India 2020 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated : 09 August 2020

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With the new developed technology everyday kitchen work has become a lot simpler. Now, you don’t have to sit with a grinding stone for grinding the required spices or for making Puree. One such technology came up to help you with the kitchen chores that is of a grinder. It is an electrical appliance for grinding, blending or mixing different ingredients together that are required for cooking.

The best mixer grinder in India has become an indispensable part of the Indian kitchen. It not only makes the work easy but also saves time. Life today is too hectic to spend time on grinding stone. With the invention of a best mixer grinder you can do the work in minutes just by pressing a button. Thus, everyone today needs a best mixer grinder in India.

Best Mixer Grinder can easily grind and mix things. With the mixer grinder mixing ginger garlic paste, red chilli paste, chutneys (used as a side dish in Indian cuisine), batter for dosas and idlis etc your life becomes easy. It even gives you finely ground spices required in daily cooking. 

Thus, a mixer grinder with its advanced technology makes your life Hassle-free. There are even some grinders in the market that comes with an extra attachment of Aata kneading. This attachment can knead any type of dough used for making chapatis or puris. 

Thus, making your life a lot more convenient. The article given below provides you with all the necessary information about the best mixer grinder in India 2019. After reading all the specifications, pros and cons and review it will be easy for you to make a decision.

Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo 750 -Watt Mixer Grinder With 3 Jars

Best Mixer Grinder In India

Panasonic AC MX-AC400 550- Watt Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars

Best Mixer Grinder In India

Butterfly smart 750-Watt Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars

Top 8 Best Mixer Grinder In India

Given below are the 8 best mixer grinder of India for 2019. Read the article below to know more about it.

1. Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo 750 -Watt Mixer Grinder With 3 Jars

If you are looking for a unique design mixer grinder, that delivers the best to you, then this mixer grinder will turn out to be a perfect choice for you. The grinder is even a great choice for gifting. It comes with three different jars for grinding and juicing. With its powerful motor and stainless- steel blades, you get a unique feature of flow Breakers that facilitates better grinding.


  1. Power-750 watts
  2. Volts- 230 volts
  3. Frequency- 50hz
  4. Number of blades-3
  5. The grinder comes with a 2-year warranty along with a 5-year warranty on blades
  6. Jar capacity- 1.5 litres liquidizing jar, 1 litre wet/ dry grinding jar and 0.4 chutney jar



2. Panasonic AC MX-AC400 550- Watt Super Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars

This Mixer Grinder has got a sharp plan with a tough body, that perfectly fits in your kitchen. With its composition from food-safe plastic and a security mechanism, the mixer grinder is safe to use.

The solidified stainless- steel Samurai-edge cutting edges makes it easy for grinding tough material. With the interlocking security system, you can multitask while using the grinder. Thus, the mixer grinder with vogue design and strong body is the best choice for your kitchen.


  1. Power-550 watt
  2. Operating voltage-240 volt
  3. The product comes with a 2-year warranty along with a 5-year warranty on the motor
  4. Jar capacity-0.65 litre capacity of blender jar (with juice filter), 1-litre jar (without juice filter), 0.2-litre chutney jar and 0.5 litres dry and 0.3-litre wet grinding jar



3. Maharaja Whiteline Power click + MX -170 750 -Watt Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars

The brand has been in the market since 1976. With innovative visible and available lock Technology, the mixer grinder offers an extra layer of safety. The design of the grinder is attractive and practical making it perfect for every household. With some of the additional features, it becomes the best choice for the buyer. It’s easy to use knob allows you to make the mixer grinder work at the desired speed for obtaining the perfect results. 

Also, the mixer grinder is efficient enough to continuously grind for 30 minutes. With the super-sharp blades installed, in the jar, the grinder becomes super-efficient.


  1. Power-750 watt
  2. Operating voltage -220-240 volts
  3. The product comes with 2 years warranty along with a 4-year warranty on motor
  4. No. Of blades-4
  5. Jar capacity- fruit filter of 1.75 litres, liquidizer jar of 1.5 litres, a dry and wet grinding jar of 1 litre and a chutney jar of 0.4 litres



4. Butterfly smart 750-Watt Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars

Butterfly Mixer Grinder dons sleek look, that is also durable. The grinder comes with a transparent lid that ensures that you can see the ingredients inside. It is heatproof and shatters resistant due to the high-grade polycarbonate material used for making it. As an extra feature, the grinder comes with juicer with easy to use the pusher. The pusher by acting as an envelope cap ensure there is no wastage. 

The product offers you complete value for money. It is one of the best mixer grinder in India . The stainless- steel jobs offer arrest-free maintenance and promise longevity.


  1. Power-750 watt
  2. Operating voltage-220-240 volt
  3. The grinder comes with a 2-year warranty
  4. Number of jars – 4
  5. The grinder has got an automatic cut off options for overload
  6. Made of polycarbonate material, the lids are transparent and offers clear visibility



5. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750- Watt Mixer Grinder With 3 Jars

Preethi Mixer Grinder can be your best companion. With its rust and shockproof body made of ABS plastic gives you an efficient grinder. As an addition, there is a Flexi lid that allows you to adjust the capacity of the jar as per your needs. The mixer grinder as per Francis Kanio is best mixer grinder in India 

For ensuring the stability and durability of the jars, they go through the salt spray and water load test. As they are made of stainless steel, you get the promise of longevity.

With its machine ground polished blades, you get a quick and superior grinding experience every time. The motor works at 750 watt that grinds the things in no time and also helps you save money.


  1. Power-750 watt
  2. Operating input voltage – 230 volts
  3. The product comes with 2 years warranty
  4. Number of jars-3
  5. Jar capacity-jar of 1.5 litres, chutney Jar of 0.5 litres and 0.4 litres, flex lid of 1.5 litres.



6. Philips HL7756/00 750 -Watt Mixer Grinder With 3 Jars

The Philips HL 7756/00 mixer grinder is perfect for your home. It offers you great performance. Due to the advanced air ventilation system which cools, the appliance at a speed rate offers the long life of the motor. The jars are easy to clean due to their unique triangular body design. The motor is designed in a unique way that offers great juicing, mixing and grinding performance. With its stylish look it is fit for every kitchen. A type of plastic material is used for making coupler that forms a firm engagement between the jar and the body. The rubber gaskets for the lids are specially designed that guarantees a smooth and Secure locking. The turbo motor with its new design allows you to grind continuously.


  1. Power-750 watt
  2. The grinder has got new and advanced air ventilation system.
  3. Number of jars – 3
  4. The grinder comes with auto gear warranty.
  5. Operating input voltage-230 volts
  6. Jar capacity – 1.5 litres (jar1), jar 2 with 1 litre and 0.3-litre jar 3



7. Prestige Iris (750 watts) Mixer Grinder With 3 Stainless Steel Jar + 1 Juicer Jar

With the all-new attractive and alluring design, you are gonna fall in love with Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder. It has got a multifunction blade system and that makes the food processing a lot easier. The sturdy handle made of the durable plastic fits perfectly in your grip and prevents slippage. 

The grinder can be your most adjustable and versatile partner in day-to-day kitchen chores. With its compact design the grinder takes less storage space. While the transparent lids allow you to see the entire process. The classy and attractive grinder along with its unique feature and look makes it one of the best mixer grinder in India of 2019. It could help you save energy as it consumes less power and quickly does the task.


  1. Power – 750- watt
  2. Operating input voltage – 230 volts
  3. Number of blades – 3 multipurpose blades
  4. Number of jars-4
  5. The grinder comes with a warranty of 2 years
  6. It comes with overload protection switch that automatically cuts off the power supply to the grinder for preventing overheating.



8. Philips HL 7720 750- Watt Mixer Grinder With 3 Jars

By being in the market for the past several years, it can turn out to be your best friend in the kitchen. With its elegant and Stylish look, anyone can get attracted to it. Its advanced ventilation system keeps the grinder cool and thus can be operated for a long time. The auto cut off feature, automatically shuts off the grinder in case of overloading. The grinder is idle for your kitchen as it offers great performance at an affordable rate. The jars come with click lock that secures the mixer jar while operation. The advanced design of the grinder prevents motor damage due to prolonged use. Thus, if you wish to have a grinder with a sleek and stylish look that offers great performance at the same time.


  1. Power-750 watt
  2. Operating input voltage – 230 volts
  3. No. Of jars – 3
  4. The grinder comes with the warranty of 2 years
  5. Click locking system for secure jar lock
  6. Sleek and Stylish design



What To Look For Before Buying Best Mixer Grinder In India?

It is not easy to buy a best mixer grinder. There are several factors you should consider while buying a best mixer grinder in India. Thus, it as a tough choice to make.

For making it easy given below are 7 important factors you should look in a mixer grinder before buying it. Read the factors carefully and make your choice as per your needs.


Power is an important factor to consider while buying a best mixer grinder in India . It depends on the number of your family member. For a typical Indian kitchen, a grinder with motor power of 500 watts is sufficient. While for a large family you should buy a grinder with motor power of 750 watts, as you will be able to grind more in one time. With high power motor you can easily grind any hard or tough item in no time. This will even help you save money as high power motor does the work quickly.

The Number Of Jars

The number of jars your mixer grinder must be depended on the size of your family. If you live in a joint family then heavy-duty grinders with more number of jars are something you should prefer. As with more jars comes more functionality so it will become easy for you. While for a nuclear family you can buy a small-sized grinder with 2 jars.

Speed (RPM)

Prefer the grinders with multiple speed options. With a different level, you can operate the grinder at the speed of your choice. Thus, you get great performance. A grinder with at least three levels of speed is the one right for anyone. Lower speed can be used for juicing or mixing while higher speed is used for grinding spices or foods coarsely.

Mixer Grinder Blade Types & Uses

As the quality of the blade directly affects the performance of the grinder, it is important to check this before buying. Look for diamond cut stainless steel blade in the grinder. They not only offers hygienic performance but also increases the durability of the grinder. The diamond-cut blades improve performance by making it easy to blend and grind tough food items.

Types Of The Blade And Its Uses

Stainless steel chutney grinding blades- This blade is used for making different types of chutneys

Stainless steel dry grinding blades- This blade is used for grinding dry masalas and rice powder

Stainless steel wet grinding blades- These blades are used for making purees of fruits or vegetables.

Safety Lock System

This is the most important factor you should consider while buying a best mixer grinder in India. This feature helps you prevent spilling of the stuffs inside the jar while operating. It is important as this feature provides safety by not starting the machine unless the jar is properly locked on the main unit.

Overload Protection

Look for a mixer grinder that offers overload protection. This feature helps you save money on repair as sometimes we either overfill the jars or operate it for a longer time, there is a chance for the motor to burn due to overloading. In such cases, if the grinder has overload protection, it automatically cuts off the power to the machine and shuts it.

Noise Level (DB)

The noise from a mixer grinder can affect your ears and result in severe hearing problems. It is better to look for a mixer that does not create much noise even when operated at high speed.


Given below are some of the frequently asked questions along with their answers. We hope that you get the answers too after looking at these FAQs.

  1. Which is the best brand for mixer grinder?

In India, you can find several brands that offer quality grinders with great performance some of them being Bajaj, Panasonic, Prestige, Preethi, Butterfly, Philips etc. All these brands offer great performance and some extra features that make it worth buying.

  1. What is the difference between 500w and 750w mixer grinder?

The difference is quite simple. A grinder that has a motor of 750 watts is used for grinding large or tough articles like batter of dosa and idli. They make the work a lot easier and faster. While a grinder with a motor of 550w grinds the foodstuffs in batches. For grinding some of the stuff there is no difference in both the types but if you want to get finer product in less time, then prefer having a 750w grinder. This grinder is preferred for joint families as a large amount can be ground at the same time.

  1. How to reduce mixer grinder noise?

The noise from the grinder can lead to severe hearing problems and can even irritate. Thus, it is important to have a grinder that does not create much noise. It can be reduced by following the simple steps given below-

  1. Keep the grinder away from the wall
  2. While operating keep the grinder on a rubber mat
  3. Try using the grinder at different time
  4. You can even search for a grinder that makes less noise      
4.Why there is a burnt smell every time I operate my mixer?

 It is common if you get burnt or varnish smell when you operate your grinder at its initial stage. It is nothing to be worried off. This smell is due to the motor varnish getting heated for the first time. The smell will go away after some usage. If you still get the burnt smell contact the brand’s customer care.

  1. How to clean the mixer grinder?

Cleaning a grinder is not a tough job. You can easily clean it by following the steps given below-

  1. Fill up the jar with dish wash or soap water
  2. Put it on the main assembly unit and then lock it
  3. Use the rotating whip to use the grinder at higher speed
  4. Repeat the step 4 to 5 times
  5. Now, wash the jar with clean water
  6. After washing dry out the jar and lid by whipping it with a clean water

For the other outer attachments, you can clean it directly with soapy water. While for cleaning the main assembly unit, wipe it out with a damp cloth and then use a non-abrasive liquid cleaner.


With several options of brands offering best mixer grinder in India it is difficult to find the best one that can fulfil all your needs at a affordable price range. Here, we tried to sort this problem for you by providing you with the details, all the above-given mixer-grinders are the best you can find in the market. They are all suitable for both nuclear and joint families. With some over the top features and stylish look, they all offer great performance. All the grinders offer great value for money. 

The top 8 best mixer grinder in India selected are taken considering the needs of the customers and keeping in mind the factor of affordability. This grinder can be bought at a reasonable rate, which also offers durability and longevity. We hope that you got all the required information that can help you buy a best mixer grinder.


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