8 Best Mattress In India For A Healthy Sleep In 2020

Last Updated : 09 July 2020

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Looking for the best mattress in India? Well everyone is looking for the best, who wants something that isn’t good enough or just okay. But when it comes to buying a mattress, things get real.

 A Mattress is not just a one-night stand, it is a long-term relationship, its a COMMITMENT. It is a place where you can curl up in when you are exhausted. And just like stalking your date on social media, it is good to have all the information before buying a mattress too. (Although you can run out on a date.)

Well, don’t freak out too soon. We are only here to help you with your Mattress and that we will do well.

So, here is a guide that will solve all your problems and along with the guide is a list of the best mattresses from the best mattress brands in India.  Let’s jump to it then!

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress


There were some close calls but we have to give the Best Mattress in India 2019 title to this Wakefit product. And, we have all the reasons for it!    

While being an economic choice, the mattress does not compromise on comfort at all and proves to be the best mattress for back pain


While it may seem a bit easier to just jump on the mattress and test it in the store to decide which one is better, ordering online is much easier. The first-time feel of almost all the mattresses are amazing, cozy and it feels like THIS IS IT! But, you may often be wrong here. The comfort, quality of the foam and all the feels of the mattress may wear out a few months after using it and you go again looking for a new one. Waste of time and money.

There are few factors to consider before buying a mattress and this is what we call making the “Smart Choice”.

There are two popular types of mattresses: Spring and Foam

Now, while it is tempting to have a spring mattress with all that bounciness and extra comfort, spring mattress are not necessarily good for your back. Going for a Memory Foam-based mattress is a better choice here and we’ll be talking about it.

Here are the factors that will help you decide which mattress is best for you!


The structure in which a mattress is created plays an important role in how comfortable the mattress will be. The mattress with multiple layers that mold according to your body are the ones you should be looking for. Nowadays, mattress brands have started to create multiple layers that suit your back while giving you comfortable support.


If you are looking for something that can relieve your back pain then it was a good choice to opt for memory foam but consider its firmness before buying. You don’t need a mattress too firm that it aggravates your back pain instead of relieving it. Generally, gel-based memory foams are chosen. These give high resilience and supports your back just right. 


Like we mentioned earlier, a mattress is a long-term commitment. Depending on the brand and quality, they can last up to 10 years. So, be sure you buy a quality one of a trusted reliable brand. The money you spend will be an investment. Even some foam mattress starts to become thinner and lose their shape, this creates a problem when you have spent a decent amount on it and your expectations are not met. Also, check the warranty on mattresses. Longer warranty means the quality of the mattress is more durable.


The fabric and material used in the making of a mattress is yet another important factor to consider. The cover of the mattress should be made out of a soft and breathable fiber so it is more comfortable to sleep in. Even the quality of memory foam used should be good. The more chemical-based products used in the making, the more chances that it will release unpleasant toxic smells. The mattress should also have a good enough airflow, so it doesn’t get too heated up against your body. The gel crystals used in some mattresses ensure that they keep cool.


Although we have said once and again that buying a best mattress is an investment because it is something that very essential in your daily life and comfort is important. But, if you have a budget and there is an amazing mattress that fits in it, you shouldn’t spend unnecessarily on other costly options. Most mattresses aren’t too expensive but know that even the most expensive ones can disappoint you sometimes.


Make sure you read the reviews of the mattress properly before buying it to ensure the delivery is easy and hassle-free. This isn’t a really big factor as most off the mattresses are delivered folded in a box. You just need to unwrap it and spread. Still, this is a factor to consider since not all mattresses do this.

It seems like you are making the right choice, selecting a mattress that is healthy for your back. But, why stop there? Make some better choices now and keep track of your health using these amazing range of Best Fitness Band in India.

And, since we are talking about your health and keeping healthy. Are you taking a diet that provides you with all the Vitamins? Here, know all about multivitamins and find out which ones are good for you and when do you need one.

So, these we the most important factors to consider while buying a best mattress

Below we have listed the best mattress in India, from back pain support to budget-friendly option, we have handpicked the best of the best ones here. 

So, make a sound choice, now that you know all about buying a best mattress in India.


1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress


This singles bed mattress is among the best mattress in India. While being an economic choice, the mattress does not compromise on comfort at all and proves to be the best mattress for back pain

The layered design provides high resilience and support for your back without being too hard. 

The memory foam takes you in a hug, shaping itself for your comfort and making the sleep even cozier. 

The Fabric used in Wakefit makes one of the best mattress brand in India. It is breathable and soft, so nothing disturbs you while you sleep.


  • COOL FOAM- To support the layers
  • SUPPORTIVE MEMORY FOAM- Shaping itself for your comfort
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY- Won’t trouble your pocket
  • HIGH RESILIENCE- For a comfortable sleep
  • LAYERED DESIGN- Providing extra comfort for your body
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR SPINE- Helping your spine stay in line



While some might still be skeptical about it, Wakefit is coming up in the market to become one of the best mattress brand in India and we can deny it, the mattresses are pretty amazing.

They are comfortable and friendly for your back. Unlike others in the market, the orthopedic mattress doesn’t put you in a stiff position while sleeping. The layered design and high resilience foam take the credit for that. The mattress will fit into your budget comfortable and you will be comfortable in the mattress.



A comfortable match for your comfortable house, Sleepy Cat features one of the best mattress in India by using science for your comfort.

The cooling get crystals to regulate your body temperature all night long while the foam keeps your spin in shape.

The high-density base provides comfortable support to your entire body, making you stay in bed all day long

The mattress is not too high on price and is a smart choice for your bed. 


  • GEL MEMORY FOAM- Keeping your body cool at night
  • SOFT FIBRE- For a comfortable sleep
  • REMOVABLE COVER- Easily washable
  • NO MOTION TRANSFER- Your partner’s movements won’t disturb your sleep
  • LAYERED DESIGN- Providing extra comfort for your body
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE- No compromise on quality though
  • EASY TO HANDLE- Not too bulky and hefty



The mattress is designed in a way to provide maximum comfort to your body while keeping you back in the right posture. Sleepy Cat does offer some promising features on their products which feel like the best mattress for back pain.

The cost-effective mattress is designed with different layers to support you back and help your sleep right. The gel-based foam major highlight!

Seems like you are throwing away your old junkie mattress and getting fresh with a new mattress on your bed. Well, don’t forget to check that Water Purifier you have. Is it still good enough to give truly purified water? If not, you can count on us for bringing to you the best Water Purifiers in India. Don’t worry about your budget, we have it all covered!



This mattress is better than you can imagine. One of the best mattress in India, this Flo Ergo mattress provides all the comfort you seek

The Gel-based memory foam takes the shape of your body making you a lot more comfortable.

Flo has been around for a long time and the legacy has set its name as one of the best mattress brand in India. So, you can trust that.

The cooling crystals keep your body relaxed and calm. Bonus on the Aloe Vera infused zipper, it keeps your skin fresh and healthy.


  • A SOLID BACK SUPPORT- To keep your spine right!
  • MICRO-CRYSTALS- Keep the mattress cool
  • ZERO MOVEMENT TRANSFER- No disturbance from partner
  • GEL-BASED MEMORY FOAM- Molds in the shape of your body
  • ALOE VERA INFUSED ZIPPER- Make everything smell fresh
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY- Affordable and reliable



A perfect choice for your bedroom, Flo Ergo brings to you the best mattress in India. The comfort and features of this mattress are more than what we were looking for. The cooling gel-based memory foam not only provides high comfort but is also excellent for your back-pain.

The price isn’t set too high and is an affordable rate for the comfort you get. If you are suffering from back pain or in general need something that keeps your spine in shape, then get this mattress.

4. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Memory Foam Mattress


For a true “Sleepyhead”, the perfect mattress! This compact mattress provides comfort in every aspect.

The base complements the layers above to give firm support to your body while the responsive Memory Foam and Comfort Foam together take the shape of your body to provide a pleasant experience for you- Sleepyhead!



  • High back support- No more back pains, no more stiffness
  • Breathable foam- A cozier snuggle buddy
  • Not too hard- Just the right firmness
  • Washable cover- Can be easily removed and washed
  • Easy Delivery and fun installation- Delivered in a box, unwrap and spread.
  • Highly durable- 10-year warranty



An absolute smart buy and the best mattress for back pain. It has the perfect layers and composition of everything. Not too hard for you back, but just the right amount of firmness. The mattress bounces back just right and for an orthopedic memory foam base, the mattress isn’t stiff.

On this price, the Sleepyhead mattress seems like the best mattress for back pain in India and easy delivery and installation are a bonus!



This amazing king size mattress comes with dual comfort. There is a medium-firm side and a medium-support side. So, you can change the side according to you.

The foam density provides for its high durability and quality. On either side, the memory foam gives excellent support to your body.

The cell foam has a good airflow not only makes the mattress comfier but also keeps you cool and relaxed all night. 


  • BETTER AIRFLOW- For keeping you cool and comfy
  • DURABLE- High foam density and better quality
  • AFFORDABLE- Won’t cost you an arm and a leg
  • DUAL COMFORT- Both soft and firm bases on either side
  • BETTER SLEEP- Memory foam to make you sleep tight
  • LIGHTWEIGHT- Easy to handle and lift



Well, don’t you ignore the word “dual” in the name of this Wakefit mattress because it is important. This highly cost-effective mattress is yet another of the best mattress in India. The dual in the name means you get both hard and soft surfaces on either side of the mattress.

So, whether you have a back problem or not, this mattress is for real comfort.  Both sides are extremely comfortable tho and the higher foam density gives the mattress high durability.

Like your new cool and comfortable mattress? We hope you do! Our facts say that mattresses should be replaced almost every 8th year, quite similar to refrigerators. By the way, how old is your refrigerator? Wishing to change it too? Let us help you with that too! We have created a guide to help you pick out the best Refrigerator. Don’t forget to give it a read before you buy anything!



With a 10 year warranty and a 100-day trial, there is no need to state that this mattress is a reliable and smart choice.

The durable foam-based mattress is filled with gel crystals that ensure your body stays relaxed and there is no extra heat disturbing your sleep.

The proprietary Responsive Foam takes the shape of your body and provides just the right support.

It is not too hard to make your body stiff but enough to keep your spine great support.


  • RESPONSIVE FOAM- Make your sleep more comfortable
  • GREAT FOR YOUR BACK- Foam made to support your spine
  • NO CHEMICAL SMELL- Aloe Vera infused cover
  • COOLING CRYSTALS- Keep your body cool
  • 100 DAY TRIAL- Or you may return it and get a refund (an unlikely scenario)
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR SPINE- Helping your spine stay in line



Offering you a 100-day trial, Flo has come up to become one of the best mattress brands in India and their popularity is proof for that. The mattress’s spine support is one of the major reasons why you should buy it. It provides amazing while taking good care of your spine. The proprietary Responsive foam ensures you have a comfortable sleep while the gel crystals keep your body cool and relaxed.
So, if you don’t mind going a bit higher on your budget, Flo is a great investment in your comfort!



Coming from a brand as trustable as Sleepwell, this mattress is a budget-friendly choice for your bed.

It is made out of high-quality PU foam which gives your body and especially your back optimal support; counted among the best mattress in India.

The knitted top makes the mattress look great while providing a soft cushion feel to the mattress.

The Neem Fresh technology and Air mesh fabric on the side ensure cool and calm sleep throughout the night.


  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY- An economical option
  • BETTER AIRFLOW- Keep your body cool and ensure maximum airflow
  • PU FORM- For more comfort
  • LIGHTER- Easy to flip and handle
  • RELIABLE- Sleepwell’s trusted and durable products
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR SPINE- Helping your spine stay in line



Though the mattress is a good economical choice for your home, it is slightly more firm than you would imagine. The mattress, however, provides great support for your back and the PU Foam ensures comfort. The mattress also comes with a free pillow, a bonus. Fresh neem and knitted cover will keep you cool and relaxed. Sleepwell has been among the best mattress brands in India and there are all the good reasons for it.

If you have serious back issues, SleepX should be your choice. You will get premium quality at not so premium prices!

Made your choice?

Still, have some doubts?

We have mentioned here some Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you. These questions will definitely help you clear out some major doubts out of your head!


1. What is the difference between memory foam and spring mattress?

Spring mattress is made out of a pocket coil spring between fabric while memory foam has multiple layers of different density foams put together.

2. Which is the best mattress for back pain in India?

The memory foam mattress is considered best for supporting your back. A softer base mattress is considered bad for the back but since memory foam provides the right comfort, it is good for back pain.

3. How to avail warranty on online bought mattresses?

There is a warranty card delivered along with the mattress. You can write the serial number of your mattress and contact the seller for further information on availing the warranty. You can also call the brand directly for availing of the warranty.

4. How long does memory foam mattress last?

Depending upon the quality of the mattress and the brand, memory foam mattresses can last up to 8 years


We hope you have already selected a best mattress for your bed and are looking forward to sleep tight on it! Don’t worry, unless you have ordered from the above list, your expectations will meet surely be met. Trust the experts on this one! So jump on to your new mattress and sleep carefree, you made the right choice!

Beauty sleep is only one of the factors to keep your body in its most healthy version, check out the Best Grooming Products for Men and Women for more!

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