8 Best Kitchen Chimney In India To Buy In 2020

Last Updated : 09 August 2020

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The way to a man heart is through stomach. For doing this a woman needs to prepare the best food for him. Cooking the best food requires best facilities so that a woman can efficiently work without any issues. 

Imagine standing in the kitchen suffocating with the smoke coming out or Imagine facing health issues due to the presence of dust and soot in your kitchen. The temperature in the kitchen rises while cooking and thus results in suffocation.

In order to stop this we all need a kitchen chimney that can easily draw out the dust and oil .Just as the need for some appliances like water purifier, refrigerator, induction cooktop, water heaters, kitchen chimneys are also important. As kitchen forms an integral part of our everyday life, it becomes important to keep it clean and safe. Kitchen Chimney is quite useful for this. It eliminates the harmful gases and heat from the kitchen to keep it fresh. A best kitchen chimney in India can help you by  reducing the workload of cleaning the shelves with the smoke marks.

If you are thinking to buy a new kitchen chimney or replace your old one, then you are at right place. The article provides you with all the necessary information about the 6 best kitchen chimney in India. It even throws light on the specialisation, pros and cons and users review about the chimney. Read the article below to know more about it.

1. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Despite being a local brand, Hindware offers some of the best kitchen chimney in India. With the Stainless -Steel finish, the chimney has got a glistening appearance. With the baffle filter working efficiently, the smoke and the oil all get settled inside the Chamber while the air moves out free. The oil gets collected in the oil collector cup. This can be removed and cleaned easily anytime. With its every efficient motor there is less consumption of power. While the one-touch control features make the operation of the chimney easy.


  1. Operating input – 240 volts
  2. Motor power – 180 watts
  3. The chimney is suitable for 4-5 burners
  4. It is perfect for kitchen size of >200 square feet with heavy grilling/ frying
  5. There is a baffle filter that uses panels to separate grease and smoke
  6. The chimney comes with a warranty of 1 year and with a warranty of 5 years on motor.




Thus, with all the features it is the best kitchen chimney in India that comes with excellent features and looks.

2. Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/h Auto – Clean Chimney

It is a perfect chimney that has got high suction power along with the auto-clean features. As cleaning is a challenging job, not everyone wants to do it. With the auto-clean feature of the chimney, you need not worry about it. The stainless -steel baffle filters work efficiently and thus requires less maintenance and cleaning. The chimney with its perfect design can fit into any kitchen.


  1. Operating input – 250 volts
  2. Motor power – 180 watts
  3. The chimney comes with a warranty of 1 year and with a warranty of 5 years on motor.
  4. Noise level – 58 dB
  5. It is perfect for kitchen size of >200 square feet with heavy grilling/ frying




It the best Chimney under 10000. The filter suction of the chimney is strong to removes all the dust. Thus, provides you with healthy and safe food.

3. Elica 90 CM 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney With Free Installation Kit

The brand in the market is popular for its excellent design. It can easily fit into your kitchen perfectly, making it your perfect companion.  The touch control panel of the chimney makes it easy to operate. With its energy-efficient feature, it does not cost you much on maintenance. While the heating element is used for auto cleaning the chimney. Which it’s less wattage conservation you save on your utility bills. The perfect dimension of the chimney is good enough to suit your kitchen.


  1. Operating input – 230 volts
  2. Power – 180 watts
  3. Noise level – 58 dB
  4. Speed levels – 3
  5. It is perfect for kitchen size of >200 square feet with heavy grilling/ frying




With the sleek and stylish look of the chimney, you will fall in love with it. The chimney offers excellent feature and is perfect for every household.

4.Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney

The chimney offers high suction that ensures that your kitchen has a smokeless environment. The amazing dimension of the chimney ensured that it is perfect for a small to the midsize kitchen. The auto head cleaning technology of the chimney uses a heating element that ensures that you get rid of oil, soot and other sticky particles. The cassette filter with its layered metal filter ensures efficient purification.


  1. Operating input – 230 volts
  2. Power – 180 watts
  3. The chimney comes with a 15 years warranty on motor, and one year on PCB
  4. Noise level – 58 dB
  5. Speed level -3




Thus, the toughened quality and beautiful appearance make it up the perfect appliance for your kitchen

5. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr auto clean chimney

It is one of the best kitchen Chimney in India available for kitchens. It is the most perfect chimney to face a coat of oil and soot from kitchens. Due to its powerful motor that comes with a functional capacity of 1200m3/hr you get the best performance. The filter-less technology of the chimney ensures low maintenance cost. The gesture control of the chimney allows operating the chimney without any physical contact. Which two LED lamps the chimney provides ample illumination to your kitchen. Thus, it turns out to be a perfect fit for tackling everyday kitchen issues of smoke and dirt.


  1. Operating input- 250 volts
  2. Power – 180 watts
  3. Effective in removing the odour
  4. Speed level – 3
  5. Noise level – 58dB
  6. The chimney comes with a variety of 1 year and 5 years on motor




It is the next generation Chimney with excellent features. Thus, the chimney with its top-class features offers a powerful performance to you always and makes it a perfect fit. 

6. Faber 60 cm 1095m3/hr Chimney

Being the worldwide leader in kitchen Hood, Faber offers quality products with great looks. It comes with a powerful motor that insures long durability and less noise. chimney is considered as the most efficient to clean the grease and dirty air. The three-way solution of the chimney ensures that the smoke is scooped out faster. The 3D suction capacity offers 25% higher suction area, 15% better grease reduction and 10dB noise reduction. While the three-layer baffle filter specially designed for Indian Kitchen works effectively to remove the smoke. There is an extra speed of options offered to you. With its push-button control panel, it becomes easy for you to operate it.


  1. Operating input – 220 volts
  2. Power – 200 watts
  3. The chimney is suitable for 3-4 burners.
  4. Speed level – 0-4
  5. Noise level – 62dB
  6. The chimney comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty and 12 years warranty on motor and Rotor
  7. The chimney has got three layers of stainless -steel baffle filters




With its stylish looks and design it can make anyone fall in love with it. It can be said as one of the best kitchen chimney for Indian kitchens.


How To Choose A Best Kitchen Chimney In India?

  1. Suction Power

It is an important factor to consider. The suction power of the chimney depends upon the size of the kitchen in which it is installed and also the home size.

  • A Chimney with a suction capacity of 500-600 m3/hour is sufficient for small home
  • Chimney with a suction capacity of 700 – 1000 m3/hour would work properly for a larger home

Thus, before buying a best kitchen chimney, be sure about your kitchen size and pick the one with the right suction power, for better performance.

  1. Size Of The Chimney

Always keep in mind that the size of your Chimney should be the same as the size of their cooking platform stove. It can either be equal or larger than the cooking stove but should never be smaller than it.

 If your Chimney size is smaller than your cooking stove then it will be difficult for the chimney to absorb the dirt and grease particles. Thus, it will not work effectively. But if the size of the chimney matches for is larger than the dirt and grease particles will easily get absorbed. Thus, keep this factor in mind.

  1. Type Of Filter

Be sure about the type of filter you choose. The filters are of three types based on their structure, material and the filtering process

Cassette filter – They are made of aluminium mesh. When the air passes through the gap, the dirt and grease particles get Logged in them. Thus, they require cleaning once a week. They can be cleaned by making use of detergent water and scrubbing.

Baffle filter – They are the most suitable for Indian kitchens. As they are in curve structure, the changes the direction of the cooking air when they get passed through it. They can drag down heavy dirt and grease particles without facing any effect on their suction capabilities suction. They need to be cleaned once in a month or six

Carbon filter – They are also known as the charcoal filter as they are made of charcoal. As they absorb the odour, they are preferable to be used with the other two filters. They required to be replaced after every 6 months for ensuring better performance.


  • Is chimney good to use?

Chimneys are good to use in the kitchen and other commercial cooking places as they can efficiently absorb smoke, gases, fumes and dust particles present in the air thus eliminates them. They can enhance your cooking experience by reducing the indoor smoke issue caused during cooking to some extent.

  • How to clean a chimney filter?

Chimney filter can easily be cleaned. It could turn out to be a time-consuming process if you don’t know the proper method to do so. You need to wipe out the oily substance and steam stuck to the filter by using a harsh soap or detergent-like baking soda, salt and vinegar solution. Follow the steps given below to clean filter properly.

  1. Remove all the filters from the chimney and place them all in a hot water tub.
  2. In the hot water add ingredients like salt, vinegar, baking soda etc.
  3. Leave the filters in the tub for about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Now, wash them thoroughly until the tough stains get removed completely.
  5. Keep the filters in the sunlight for draining water out of them.
  • What is the chimney is not cleaned regularly? Is it really important?

As a Chimney absorb oil, grease, dust and other fine particles, they all cover the filter which in turn can affect the suction power of the chimney. This can even increase the noise level. So, it is better to clean the filter at last once in a while to avoid such situations.

  • Which Kitchen Chimney should I prefer?

There are a lot of features, functions and brands to choose from some of the popular best kitchen chimney in India brands being – Elica, Sunflame, Hindware, Faber, Eurodome, Pigeon, Prestige and Glen.  It is important to consider various parameters like – Chimney size, type, suction power, noise and smart features before buying one. Thus, you should choose the chimney that perfectly matches all your home requirement and is also in your budget range.


Finding the best kitchen chimney in India that can meet all your needs is difficult. The situation gets worse when there are several brands offering best kitchen chimney with great features. To solve this issue, the above-given list was curated, keeping in mind the affordability of the product. It is not just their features but also there sleek and Stylish look that made them the best kitchen chimney in India . We hope that the article turns out to be useful for you and find the perfect chimney for your kitchen.

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