7 Best Home Theater System In India 2020

Last Updated : 09 August 2020

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Looking to spice up your TV System by adding the Best Home Theater System In India to your home? A theater-like experience is always amazing, and creating one at home sounds even more amazing.

Well, there are thousands of reasons to get yourself a home theater and even if none of these reasons sounds so compelling to you, get a home theater anyway because, trust us, the experience will be worth it. 

But when it comes to buying one and selecting, out of the thousand options, the best home theater in India, things start to get a little hand. There is a lot to consider and a lot to decide before you actually buy a home theater.

JBL Bar 2.1 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

But, since you are here, reading this article, we assume you are here for a solution. And don’t worry, you will definitely get one.

Buying a Home theater can be a bit tricky but only if you know what you want and what you are looking for things get a little easier. Actually, things get really simple after that. 

There are many brands that offer such systems but only few top brands are considered to produce the best Home theater System in India. These would include Sony, Yamaha, JBL and more. Brands like Sony and Yamaha have been in the business for years and have created the Best Home theater System in India in the past. They are still delivering up to their standards and offering their products in quite an affordable range. 

If you have a budget to abide, we have also listed the Best Budget Home theater System and we don’t think any of the following listed products are too high on Price. 

But before we get down to business, it would be better to know what you want in the best Home theater System in India and how can you find them. Once you are clear on what you are looking for, it will get really easier for you to find the best Home theater System for yourself!

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One of the very reason you are getting a Home Theatre System is that you want a “theatre-like” experience in your very room. So, it is important that you check for how good surround sound effect the system provides because this is the least you can expect from it.

You should be looking for a 5.1 or 7.1 channel home theatre system. This represents the system of a home theatre. 5.1 channel system means it has one centre speaker, one left speaker, one right speaker and two rear speakers on either side. The .1 represents the subwoofer, another important component of the Home Theatre System we will talk about later.  7.1 channels are recommended for bigger rooms and are spread for a wider area. We generally recommend a 5.1 channel system which fit into the budget and provides great sound quality.


The bass is another important thing you should look for in a Home Theatre System. If the Bass is not powerful enough, buying the system is just not worth it. You should be looking a good enough subwoofer, which is the device generally responsible for the bass effect. Some home theatre system offer a ‘bass-boost’ feature, which is a bonus thing you should look.

Generally, by testing it on an action movie or loud EDM songs, you can check for the quality of bass in a system. If you are buying online, do check the comments and reviews. People often review the bass quality and reading the reviews will prove to be really helpful. Also, find the difference between the loud bass and clean bass, you should be going for a clean one.


This is not something you should look for but know. The power of a Home Theatre System is a measurement of how loud the sound of the speakers will be. Not all Home Theatre systems mention power, so it can be tough judging the loudness. But, if there is a power rating mentioned, you should know what you are looking at. You should be looking for 50-100W/ channel which is a quite excellent loudness for a home theatre system.


Another important aspect of buying a Home Theatre system is how many features it provides for connecting. The Home Theatre system generally have HDMI connectivity systems. The more options you should look for is Bluetooth, which means you can easily connect your mobile phone to the system. Some of the best home theater system in India also offers NFC connectivity and are also Wi-fi enabled. These are some bonus features you can look for in a good Home Theatre System


Now, this may not be such a big deal. But we always love when things get wireless. However, in India, you will find there are lesser Home Theatre Systems that offer wireless technology. The ones that do are too high on price and are not necessarily good in other aspects.

You should look for a home theatre system that has fewer cables and are installed easily. This gives the whole set up a clean look and you are not caught up in wires when you move around the room or try to set the system up.


This won’t matter so much for some people and but for most it does. You don’t want to spend too much on a home theatre system and we understand that. If you are getting a powerful Home Theatre at a price you can afford why go spend more? Considering this, we have only listed the systems that are affordable and also, do not compromise on anything.

We have also featured the best home theater system under 10k and some of the best budget home theatre system. So, if you have a budget, then these featured ones will be really helpful for you.


1. JBL Bar 2.1 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer


Powerful sound quality with an affordable rate, JBL Bar 2.1 Soundbar gives you the complete package.

The Soundbar offers multiple profiles on sound to suit all range of sound effects. Connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable and enjoy the theatre-like experience.

The 4 subwoofers add to the experience and overall, the whole system is able to produce high-quality sound and bass effects. The surround sound system is another highlight of this soundbar and with Dolby Digital, you can adjust the sounds to your liking.

The JBL soundbar can also connect to your mobile phone or tablet. The Soundshift feature allows you to easily shift from TV to mobile phone. Although the system doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connectivity option, it does make Bluetooth connection effortless.


  • SURROUND SOUND- Just like in a theatre
  • IMPRESSIVE BASS- That will make you feel ever sound
  • EASY CONNECTIVITY- HDMI for TV and Bluetooth for phones
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE- Will fit into your budget
  • SLEEK DESIGN- Beautiful and smart
  • POWERFUL SOUND QUALITY- Clean and crisp sound


  • NO WIFI CONNECTIVITY- Maybe a concern for some



In an affordable price range, JBL Soundbar 2.1 with its four subwoofers does offer many promising features. You can’t argue too much on its performance, the sound quality is impressive. It produces high-quality base and connecting it to your TV or phone is as easy as it can be. The sound effects and other settings are powered by Dolby Digital and so everything good is assured.

Although wi-fi connectivity is not available on this device, we can reject it from being the best home theater system in India. In an affordable range, JBl has done an impressive job and made no compromises. 

2. Sony Tall Boy Bluray Home Theatre System


Sony has been one of the best brands producing the best home theater system in India and yet again, it has stayed up to its mark.

This home theatre system comes with two Tall Speakers for an enhanced surround sound experience. It gives out the more dynamic sound quality, turning your home into a real theatre.

The connectivity on the Sony Tall Boy is easy and wireless. It also features a dock for iPhone and can be connected to your Home Wi-Fi. The system also supports NFC and can be used with one touch if your phone has NFC.

The bass boost feature will add a powerful effect to your movie-time, creating realistic sounds, especially during Action Movies.

The system is complete with a Blu-ray Disc Player that is powerful enough to enhance the quality of your Classic DVDs and make your family movie time even more fun.


  • NFC and Wi-fi Connectivity- Connect in one touch
  • Bass Boost- Power bass effect for movies
  • High-quality surround Sound- Make you feel the sound
  • Immersive Sound Experience- Immerse into the sound
  • Blu-ray Disc Player- For your classic DVDs
  • Stream on Sony Entertainment Network- Have a never-ending movie time
  • Sharp Look- To add to the beauty of your home
  • Value for your money- Worth every sickle


  • Nothing We Could Find



The powerful home theater system is efficient enough to turn your home into a theatre and with all its components put together proves to be the best home theatre system in India 2019. The connectivity features on the Sony Tall Boy are enough for all types of devices and the NFC feature is another highlight of it. The Blu-ray Disc Player adds to the pros of this home theatre system and is great to play old classics with your family.

The sound-quality does not lag in any aspect and the Bass Boost system just adds to the beauty of this product. The price you pay for this is worth what you are getting.

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3. Sony 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System


This is the best home theater system under 10k and we’ll give you all the good reasons for it. 

These set of 4.1 channel multimedia speakers combine to form a perfect home theatre experience with amazing surround sound quality and bass.

You can use it with your TV and even your PC. The Sony sound does put a quality label on this product. The sub speakers can even be used individually but they work their best together.

With an affordable price range, the speaker system makes an amazing Home Theatre. No compromise on sound quality, this system provides high bass effects and great sound quality.


  • High-quality Sound Effect- Feel the sound like it’s real
  • Bluetooth connectivity- Easily connect your phone
  • Highly affordable- Easy on your pocket
  • Powerful bass- Feel the thump!


  • Nothing that would be of any major concern



If you are on a tight budget but still want a powerful home theatre experience, then this Sony System should be your choice. It is one of the best home theatre system under 10k and you won’t be disappointed. The four 4.1 speaker system offers an amazing and powerful bass. 

The sound quality will be better than you expected and can make your room into a theatre, it is that powerful. The sound quality is clear and overall, will be perfect for you!

4. Sony Real Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System


The Sony Real Soundbar Home Theatre gives a complete and satisfactory theatre experience.

With the 5. 1 Channels, the surround sound quality is amazing and every effect is crisp and clear.

The System offers multiple connectivity options like HDMI, Bluetooth, NFC, Optical cable and USB. With an easy use and installation, the connectivity on this system is smooth and hassle-free.

Dolby Digital allows you to enhance each audio channel and set the sounds to your customization. The sound effects are capable of producing high-quality effects and all the movies and sounds will have a clear surround sound.


  • Amazing Surround Sound- Your little theatre at home
  • Multiple connectivity options- NFC, Bluetooth and HDMI
  • Clear and crisp sound effects- A balanced sound effect
  • Easy installation- no hassles, easy and quick set up
  • Dolby Digital- Enhance and Customize your sound
  • Affordable Price- Not too heavy on your budget


  • Wired System- May create a problem when managing wires
  • No wi-fi connectivity- Would be a problem for some



Immersive sound and solid bass, Sony Real Soundbar provides the complete theatre experience. The Soundbar is powerful enough to deliver high-quality surround sound effects with a crisp quality. You will be thrilled to get this for your home.

The pricing is not set too high and for its worth, it is the best budget Home Theater System. Dolby Digital adds to the beauty of it and makes the whole system easier to use. The connectivity options are fast and efficient, can work with just one touch.

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5. Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System


The Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System comes with Dolby Audio that provides 4K High-Quality Audio experience.

The immersive surround sound is amazing and will give you a total theatre experience. The bass is balanced and offers optimum sound effects for a wide range of audio and video.

The Compressed Music Enhancer allows you to enhance or restore the quality of any sound, playing high-quality sounds. Thanks to Yamaha.

Yamaha is popular for its clean and high-quality sounds and with this Home Theatre system, it has proved to maintain its standards.


  • Balanced Bass- Just the right bass power
  • 4K Audio Quality- Crystal clear sound effects
  • High-Quality Surround Sound effect- Feel the sound
  • Music Quality Enhancer- Make your audio better than ever
  • Multiple Ways to connect- NFC, Bluetooth, HDMI, and more
  • NFC Enabled- Connects with your phone in one touch


  • No Sound Optimization feature- But the setting can be changed manually



Offering 4k Audio with Dolby Audio, this Yamaha system is as powerful as it can be. The surround sound experience on this Home theatre system makes it the best Home Theater System In India and with Yamaha Label, it is true. The 5 channel sound creates powerful sound effects for all kinds of audio and together the system is capable of 4k sound effects.

Yamaha is a little high on price but with the features it offers, it is all worth it. The Compressed Music Enhancer is another highlight makes this system the best home theatre system in India. So, if you are okay going a little over budget but need the great features, this Home Theatre system should be your choice.

6. Sony HT-RT40 Real Tall Boy Soundbar Home Theatre


With a perfect deal, Sony has yet again come up with the best Home Theater System in India. From design to quality to performance, Sony has excelled in all.

The overall design of the entire system is sleek and compact. It is easy to set up and with 3 speaker cable looks neat in your home. 

The 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Sound will give you a satisfactory theatre experience. The sound quality is clean and will let you feel every thrill and chill of the movie.

The connectivity on the Tall Boy Soundbar is really fast and efficient. It supports HDMI, Bluetooth and even NFC. So, you can connect it easily to your TV and shift to your phone in just a touch.


  • Powerful Bass- Feel the beats like real
  • Sleek Design- Beautiful curves and edges
  • Smooth Connectivity- Shift from mobile to TV easily
  • Theatre like Surround Sound- A perfect surround effect
  • Fewer wires and cables- For a neat setup
  • Supports Optical Input- Connect optical cables
  • Sony Music Centre in one touch- Listen to music instantly


  • Not wireless- but lesser cables make things better



This Sony Home Theatre with its two Tall Boy rear Speaker and soundbar make up to be the best home theater in India. There is little to nothing bad about this Sony Home Theatre and a lot to flaunt. The Soundbar provides for a clean and quality sound. The surround sound effect is immersive and would definitely give you theatre feels. This effect is further enhanced by the fact it is backed up by two Tall Rear speakers, which is the major highlight of this Home Theatre System.

Overall, the Sony Tall Boy SoundBar Home Theatre System is the perfect deal: fits into the budget and gives you the perfect theatre experience! 


Buying something can be a task in itself. And when it is something that you will use for a long time, things get real and you have to research to finally find the best! But, before you start looking for the best, you should know what ‘the best’ is for you. That is why, at Lifehacker, we strive to find the best of everything for you. But not, without telling you what is best. 

The same goes for Home theatres, buying the best needs you to know what the best home theater in India is and that is why we came up with this article. So, we hope you found the one and it is the best home theater in India 2019 for you! 

What’s next? Buying more electronics and appliances? Know what’s good in them for you and what is not! Understand the way of choosing a product and be 100% sure before buying! Check out the our Buying Guides and make the right choice!

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