Best Geyser In India 2019 | Expert Review & Consumer Guide

Last Updated : 16 October 2020

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With winter around the corner, it becomes necessary to get a water heater. To enjoy the season, you need to keep yourself warm. Imagine on a cold winter morning heating the water by using electric heater or on gas stoves for hours. This sounds scary and Chilly. Now, imagine taking a bath in a hot shower or tub on those mornings. For experiencing this you need to change your old methods of heating water. Get updated and buy yourself a geyser water heater or if you have an old one, get a new and updated version of the geysers. Winter mornings are harsh especially when you live in Northern India. It becomes challenging to take shower with cold water but all your sluggishness can go away with the best geyser in India for you.

 A water heater is an electrical appliance that can provide you with hot water for a shower in no time. This new technology has sorted our lives. With the right heater you no longer need to heat water for hours. You can get it in no time and enjoy the shower.

The article given below will provide you with all the details about the best geyser in India. Which all the information given below you can choose right geyser for you. All the specialisation, pros and cons and all the other useful information are listed below. The list contains details about the 8 Best Water Heater.

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Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 LTR Vertical Water Heater

A.O Smith Storage Green Series Water Heater SDS-ISLTR

Crompton 1WH03PC1 (3KW) 3 – LTR Instant Water Heater

Types Of Water Heater In India

  1. Tankless Geysers

Tankless geyser or instant water heaters, whatever you call them are the most efficient. They can provide you with hot water in the blink of an eye. They are also power savers and efficient as there is no wastage of water. They are considered suitable for small families with them you can enjoy hot water, continuously.

  1. Storage water heater

As the name suggests they come with inbuilt Storage tank. These tanks hold water which is heated when required. They are available in different storage capacities and depends on the size of the tank which ranges between 1 litre to 30 litres. You can choose the best storage capacity as per your daily requirement.

  1. Electric Geysers

They are the most commonly used geysers these days. The geyser uses an electric heating element for heating water. They are considered as the best geyser in India for home use. Electric geysers come with a special feature of heating water at a higher temperature than gas geysers. Despite having a higher cost than other types they are popular. They come with easy maintenance and simple mechanism.

  1. Gas Geysers

These diseases are getting famous in the Indian market at a steady rate. For the heating purpose, gas geyser uses gases like propane and LPG. With its economic uses, they offer some features better than electric geysers. With their unique heating feature, you get water faster than and  . Also, they have a low operational cost.

8 Best Geyser In India Review

1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 LTR Vertical Water Heater

You can trust the brand with closed Eyes. Bajaj is popular for delivering quality products for years. The new Shakti storage vertical water heaters are one of them. It is one of the best geyser in India market. With all the modern safety elements it is a perfect fit for your family. The small size of the geyser along with its Ample Storage tank makes it stand out. The water heater is well equipped with a multi-functional safety value and fire -retardant cable. It acts as an energy saver as it keeps the water boiled for a longer duration even after the switch is off. With excellent features, you can even save money as it is low maintenance geyser.


  1. Type – Storage
  2. Capacity – 25 litres
  3. Wattage – 2000watts
  4. The heater comes with a 2-year warranty on the product, a 5 Year on the heating element and a 2 year on inner tank
  5. There are multi safety systems that works in case of dry heating, overheating and overpressure




With all the features and specialisations, the geyser turns out to be the best geyser in India. With its unique technology, you can have a relaxing bath.

2. A.O Smith Storage Green Series Water Heater SDS-ISLTR

With its trendy and stylish look, it can fit into any bathroom. This water heater offers great storage, which remains protected by a glass line coating ensuring the durability of the geyser. The quality of the geyser is top class as it is manufactured by the best geyser brand in India. There is an anode rod installed in the tank that ensures extra efficiency and protection. You need not worry to check the temperature, as the geyser automatically shuts off when the water gets boiled or reaches the desired temperature. For overheating issue there is a live line and neutral line that Cuts of the line to ensure your safety. With its blue diamond glass layering and cathodic action, the geyser faces no corrosion which saves your money for its maintenance.


  1. Type – storage
  2. Capacity – 15 litres
  3. Wattage – 2000 watts
  4. 5 star rated product as per the guidelines of BEE
  5. The heater comes with a warranty of 7 years on the inner tank, 2 + 2* years extended warranty for glass coated heating element
  6. Blue-diamond glass-lined tank
  7. Pressure – 8 bars
  8. Glass coated heating element




With the advanced technology of the geyser, there is maximum protection for you. It is perfect to fit in a trendy bathroom. There is also an option of return within 10 days after delivery (in case you face any issue with the geyser).

3. Crompton 1WH03PC1 (3KW) Solarium DLXIWH03PC1 3 – LTR Instant Water Heater

The brand offers excellent safety features, which makes it one of the best instant water heater in India. With the copper heating element, the geyser offers excellent performance. While to the make it rustproof ABS material is used in manufacturing. The sleek and compact design makes it fit for even a smallest of bathrooms. For ensuring the safety of the users, there are features like a thermostat, restart knob, safety values for releasing pressure and also thermal cut-off. The geyser prevents any kind of leakage with its single welded steel tank. There is also a LED indicator that gives an alert to you when the water reaches the desired temperature. With its 3-litre capacity, the geyser ensures a continuous supply of water.


  1. Type – instant
  2. Capacity – 3 litres
  3. Wattage – 3000 watts
  4. Pressure – 6.5bars
  5. The heater comes with a warranty of 2 years
  6. Nano polymer-coated the tank
  7. Anti-siphon protection for preventing the backward flow of water.




The geyser with its sleek and compact size fits in any bathroom. While the safety features ensure the safety of the users and also offers excellent performance. The geyser will make you fall in love with it.

4. Bajaj Flora Instant 3-LTR Vertical Water Heater

It is the best instant geyser with some good looks. The heater is elegant and can be used for the high -rise building. Anyone can fall in love with its glamour quotient. There is no need to wait for taking a shower, just switch on the geyser and enjoyed. It is one of the best geyser in India. The geyser offers and excellent functioning and durability. For extra safety a Fire -retardant cable is provided with the heater. This prevents the fire from spreading (if one breaks up). You need not worry about the temperature of the water as with its neon indicator you can see if the water is heated to the desired level. Thus, it is a perfect fit for every household.


  1. Type – instant
  2. Capacity – 3- litre
  3. Wattage – 3000 watts
  4. Pressure – 8 bars
  5. The heater comes with a warranty of 2 years
  6. Neon indicator for power on and heating
  7. Multi safety systems for dry heating, overheating and overpressure
  8. ISI approved




With its latest technology and looks you will fall in love with the geyser. It won’t disappoint you at any stage. This purchase good turns out to be your best investment.

5. Usha Misty 15 LTR 2000 Watt 5-star Storage Water Heater

The water heater includes all the features of storage, safety and Energy Efficiency. With the latest version of whirl flow Technology installed in the geyser, the geyser enables the water to heat instantly. For extending the duration of the geyser there is a PUF insulation. With its high-quality steel and single weld inner tank layering, it becomes leak-proof and rustproof. The geyser is a perfect example of classy design with safety. For ensuring the safety of the user, the geyser has a thermostat that automatically cuts the power when the temperature exceeds its limit. With its huge Storage tank, it is perfect for large families. While the glass line enamel-coated stainless -Steel inner tank makes it corrosion-free.


  1. Type – Storage
  2. Capacity -15 litres
  3. Wattage – 2000 watts
  4. Power – 8 bars
  5. 5 star rated product as per the guidelines of BEE
  6. The heater comes with a 7-year warranty on tank, 3 years on the heating element and two years on product
  7. 5 safety features for protection against high temperature, pressure and dry heating
  8. With its 8 -bar, it is suitable for high rise buildings




With a perfect example of elegant looks with safety the geyser is among the best 15-litres geyser water heater in India. The heater with its advanced technology will impress you in no time.

6. Bajaj Popular Plus Storage 15-litre Vertical Water Heater

With the Bajaj popular vertical water heater, you can pamper yourself with a refreshing hot water shower. With its compact size and ideal design, it is a perfect fit for your bathroom. It is energy efficient as it keeps water hot for a long duration even after the heater is switched off. The titanium armour Technology present in the header protects it from rust and thus increases its durability. For ensuring the safety of the user the Geyser has got 4 in 1 feature multifunctional value, long-lasting Incoloy heating element, fire retardant cable. They work to keep your geyser safe from overheating and dry heating as well as protect it from high pressure. For preventing corrosion and leakage there is extra protection of magnesium anode in the geyser.


  1. Type – storage
  2. Capacity – 15- litre
  3. Wattage – 2000 watts
  4. Pressure – 8bars
  5. Three-star rated the product as per the guidelines of BEE
  6. The geyser comes with warranty a 1 year
  7. Mild steel with glass line coating inner tank material
  8. Multiple safety systems for dry heating, overheating and overpressure




Thus, with some of the extra add on features the geyser offers great performance with long-lasting durability. It could help you save on maintenance.

7. V guard Victo Plus 15L – Free Installation With Inlet & Outlet Pipe

If you are looking for a water heater with the high-quality heating element it is the best choice for you to make. It can turn out to be beneficial for people living in multi stored buildings. The heater comes with all the top-rated features. With the robust Stainless-Steel body and anti-corrosive power, the heater becomes a long-lasting appliance. There is no leakage from the water heater with its single welded tank. While the glass-lined inner lining of the tank prevents it from corrosion. The four-layered Security System comprising of a thermostat, thermal cut-off, multifunctional value and a sacrificial anode for solving the issue of overheating, dry heating, high pressure and corrosion. The heater comes with PUF insulation that prevents heat loss and makes it energy efficient.


  1. Type – storage
  2. Capacity – 15- litre
  3. Wattage – 2000 watts
  4. Pressure – 8bars
  5. 5 star rated product as per the guideline of BEE
  6. The geyser comes with the warranty of 2 years on product, 3 years on the heating element and seven years on inner tank
  7. Glass-lined inner tank lining



8. AO Smith HSE-HAS 15 -LTR 2000- Watt Storage Water Heater

The heater with its unique horizontal design does not occupy much space in the bathroom and looks elegant. With the double coating of the inner tank there is less chance of corrosion thus ensures durability. With the temperature control knob of the geyser, you can easily set the desired temperature and enjoy your shower. There are several safety features installed for ensuring the safety of the users. There is a feature of thermal cut out that automatically cuts off the power when the temperature exceeds the limit. The extra smart system makes it perfect for anyone. It is energy efficient as keeps the water for a longer duration even after the geyser is off.


  1. Type – storage
  2. Capacity – 15- litres
  3. Wattage – 2000 watts
  4. Pressure – 8bars
  5. 4 star rated product
  6. The geyser comes with the warranty of 7 years on the inner tank, 4 years extended warranty on glass coated heating element and 2 years on product.
  7. Temperature control knob
  8. Blue diamond glass-lined tank




With the stylish looks and safety features it is perfect for any household. It is a smart water heater that provides quality performance. It is one the best geyser in India .

What To Look For While Buying Best Geyser In India ?

  1. Storage Capacity

It is a critical factor to consider. You have to decide this based on the number of your family members. If you have a small family of 2 to 3 members, a 5 to 8-litre geysers is sufficient. While for a big family of 7 to 8 members, you should consider buying a water heater with a storage capacity of 10 litres to 12 litres or more.

  1. Temperature

A water heater usually offers to the temperature setting, namely: the bathing temperature and the thermostat temperature. The bathing temperature of the heater is lower than the thermostat temperature. 

The ideal temperature is 36 degree for a shower and 60 degrees for a thermostat. Look for a water heater that offers both the temperature settings. There are geysers in the market that allows you to manually set the temperature, prefer them over the automatic ones.

  1. Power Consumption

Power is the amount of electricity a water heater consumes for its operation. It is also known as wattage. The consumption of power depends on factors like the temperature of the thermostat and the water, the volume of the hot water and standing loss. If you use water at high temperature it will consume more electricity. 

There are best water heaters available in the market that are energy efficient as they keep the water heated for a longer duration even after the heater is switched off. Look for a heater that saves power. You can find it with the BEE energy star Rating.

  1. Type Of Water : Hard or Soft

It is one of the most critical factors to consider, as this factor can directly affect the lifespan of your geyser. Hard water has high mineral content that can decrease the lifespan of the water heater along with its performance.

Thus, for households with hard water must consider a geyser that comes with corrosion-resistant water tanks made of steel or copper. For the people having soft water supply, you can opt for any of the basic models of the water heater as soft water is easy to be heated.

  1. Durability & Maintenance

After spending on the geyser, you will not want to spend more on its maintenance. The geysers that come with an extra layer of safety for making it corrosion-free. Look for a heater that comes with glass-lined tanks and heating element. These extra features ensure the safety of the tanks. Thus, making it more durable and long-lasting, which helps you save on its maintenance.

Precaution To Be Taken For Better Durability of Geyser

For making the water heater durable, there are several features included in it. Thus, increasing the life of the best geyser. Accept these features, there are several things you can do on your own that can help you improve the durability of the Geysers.

 Follow the simple steps given below and make your geyser more durable

  • The geyser should be switched off after use to avoid overeating
  • One must try to keep the water temperature as low as possible
  • The storage tanks should be cleaned once in a while (especially tank geysers). This avoids corrosion and ensures longer life of the geyser.
  • Make sure to inquire about the warranty of the geyser. This will help you in case of any defects or issues.


  1. How does the quality of water affect the inner tank of the heater?

The quality of your home water can have a great effect on the water heater. As the hard water contains several minerals and salts dissolve, it causes a formation of the white chalky layer in the inner tank. This is known as scaling. This continues to grow and eventually interfere efficiency of the best water heater. While the soft water does no issues and any type of heater can be used as soft water is easy to be heated.

  1. Which water heater is better an electric or gas?

After considering the gas consumption price and the electricity bill and also after comparing other factors it was noted that electric water heater offers additional features. Thus, electric water heaters are better than a gas water heater or we can say they are best geyser in India

  1. What happens if the geyser is left on?

If someone’s leave the geyser on accidentally for 24 hours or more, it will result in overheating or even first which can cause an accident. The accident can be avoided if the geyser has auto switch option that automatically turns off the geyser in case of overeating.

  1. What to do if the geyser burst?

It can result in a huge problem. In case of a burst contact electrician immediately and follow the steps

  • From the electrical distribution board switch off the geyser isolator switch
  • Keep the hot water tap running for a few minutes. This will help to relieve the pressure from the geyser.
  • Finally, turn off the water supply
  1. What is an anode rod?

It is an important factor that determines the life of your water heater. An anode rod is a steel wire that remains surrounded with one of three different metals (aluminium, magnesium and Zinc). It is installed at the top of your water heater. And who works to protect the water heater from corrosion.


Finding the Best Geyser In India that can meet all your needs is difficult. The situation gets worse when there are several brands offering heaters with great features.

To solve this issue, the above-given list was curated, keeping in mind the affordability of the product. All the geyser water heaters come at a reasonable rate along with great features that can amaze you. 

It is not just their features but also there sleek and Stylish look that made name the best geyser in India. With the world running at a fast pace, no one should waste their time on an old technique. Thus, for getting a perfect and relaxing shower in no time everyone must have a water heater.

We hope that the article turns out to be useful for you and find the Best Water Heater for your home.

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