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15 Best Gender Swap Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Looking For best gender swap apps?  We all should try to be as gender neutral as possible. Also, stats say almost 60% of the millennial population is either bi-sexual or bi-curious anyway ;),  so what are you even waiting for? Explore and enjoy these apps while changing your face to anything you want, cause that is how the taste of being independent should be like.

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Ten Best Gender Swaps Apps

Go through the deets of these amazing apps and install one, to swap (thanos style) your gender with literally one finger.


best gender swap apps

Rating: 4.4/5
Size: 16 MB
Creator: FaceApp Inc

Faceapp is one of the best gender swap apps that deal with editing selfies into various frames and filters. It has options which not only let you change your gender, but also color of hair, eye-ball, and skin-tone. You can replace your background, swap your gender, change your hairstyle, use filters, play with blurring, apply makeups according to your preference and use any tool you want to. The amazing AI also suggests you the best designs based on your picture or selfie.


best gender swap apps

Rating: 4.8/5
Size: 9.1 MB
Creator: Picmax

Cupace is mainly best gender swap apps that leads in cropping, cutting and pasting pictures. Beside swapping your gender or pasting your face somewhere else, you can also create memes, crop and change particular parts of a photo, and even edit backgrounds. It also has a face gallery that saves every face you ever cropped and pasted, making sure you can easily use them later too. You can add other photos to the existing one, and even add stickers and emojis. The edited pictures can be saved and shared without any hassle in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Face Changer 2

best gender swap apps

Rating: 4.4/5
Size: Varies With Device
Creator: Scoompa

Face Changer 2 is totally the next generation updated app for the primitive ‘Face Changer’. After over 50 million happy consumers, the company brought the new app with much more features and tools to deal with. Both the versions are equally flooding the selfie market with their amazing work. You can morph heads, become your friends, change your gender, face features, colors and everything else using this app. You can take pictures from your gallery, Facebook, or any other platform, and edit them as per your need.


best gender swap apps

Rating: 4.3/5
Size: 56 MB
Creator: Snap Inc

Snapchat is one of the most popular lifestyles today. It is used widely by people all around the world to send their snaps, and selfies to their loved ones. You can directly take selfies using the app and edit that, add filters, swap genders or age, and anything else. You can follow people and have followers of your own, to share and show-off your selfie skills. It also come with an unlimited and free cloud storage which saves all your snaps, forever. Bitmoji has already joined hands with snapchat and made it even better, join it today.

Upic Gender Transformation

Rating: 3/5
Size: 28 MB
Creator: BUNDAI

Upic Gender Transformation is an app offering best gender swap apps. It has extremely natural gender changing makeups and styles to choose from. With this revolution in gender transformation, you can change the shape and style of your eye brow, make up your lips, use the blush tool or the skin smoothener, beautify your eyes as you want it to be, apply makeup for free, and use facial effects. You can also adjust your smile and whiteness of your teeth using this app.


Rating: 4.3/5
Size: 34 MB
Creator: Facebook

MSQRD is a best gender swap apps. Due to its immense popularity, it was recently bought by the Facebook company and is now featured under its umbrella. This app offers large free masks for your selfies. Use them to enhance your pictures, and share them on any social media platform instantly, and directly from the app. The new update also brings added compressed textures support, added astronaut effects, and country flag masks in the sports category.

Translated Gender

Rating: 4.2/5
Size: 2 MB
Creator: Robert Buckley

Translated Gender is a very forward looking and gender-neutral application which finds use of gender roles as detrimental. This is not an app where you can change your face with some filters or edits, but a place where you actually learn about gender swapping. It translates the words in your sentences to gender unspecific alternatives.


Rating: 3.6/5
Size: 95 MB
Creator: i love ice-cream Ltd.

MRRMRR is a selfie editing app that is well known for its gender swapping abilities. It offers 3-D masks and filters to take pictures even from your video calls. You can edit and save pictures in the cloud itself and lets you share those snaps directly through various online social media platforms. It is among the best apps and consists of even emojis that can be added to your pictures beside filters and backgrounds.

Face Swap by Microsoft

Rating: 4/5
Size: 21 MB
Creator: Microsoft Corporation

Face Swap by Microsoft is an app specifically meant to enhance the edits done on your selfies. You can directly select or take a selfie, and keep swiping to get the best results. This app can change the background, add scenes, swap gender, and even add makeup using this app. It can even crop and squeeze you in any popular or trending frame, and gain Insta fame. You can also try cartoon, animals or funny faces. All you have to do is swipe.

Face Change App

Rating: 4.2/5
Size: 26 MB
Creator: amira apps dev

Face Change App comes with a brand-new overlay that realizes pictures even more. It has a special tool and segment dedicated to gender swapping, to take care of your beauty needs. There are number of advertisements, but this app comes with the best filters ever. The tools are very easy to use, and consists of everything possible that can be done to your picture.

15 Apps For Swapping Your Gender

While there are tons of apps specializing in editing your face, rely the best. And rely out list of the best.

  1. Faceapp
  2. Cupace
  3. Face Changer 2
  4. Snapchat
  5. Upic Gender Transformation
  6. MSQRD
  7. Translated Gender
  9. Face Swap by Microsoft
  10. Face Change App
  11. Photomontage Collage
  12. Face Changer Photo Booth
  13. Face Blender
  14. Gender System
  15. Face Changer App- Cool Photo Editor


While these apps make the best out of your selfies, we can all try to practice and preach what we believe. Dress up the way you want to, always and forever, and rock the world.

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