About Us

They say there is no gain without pain, that you have to go through the rain to enjoy the rainbow but what is life without a few hacks. Especially if you are an Indian. Now, we Indians do work hard but when it comes to doing some “smart work” we are all in for it.

Well, this is where we are coming from. At LifeHacker.co.in, we present to you the smart work because when it was raining, we helped you put on an umbrella!

Everything you need to know about everything you will buy, we will give all our secrets away!

From new gadgets flooding the market to technology that makes your life easier, we will leave no stone unturned. We have hacked into the complexities of buyer’s life and presented to a much simpler version on of. From home to your fitness regime, we have our little team working for all your needs. Place your trust and enjoy the journey with us! We are LifeHackers so you buy everything best!