10 Best Speedometer Apps For Your Daily Routine 2020

We all acknowledge the need for speed in today’s time. Although the speed requires some checking, or it goes out of hands. And, the last thing anyone needs is to go out of control. So, whether it is your walking, or your driving, or maybe your driver, who needs to calm down and be safe, drive safe, best speedometer apps will make sure you enjoy your life, be punctual, and never break the law.


10 Best Speedometer Apps

The best speedometer apps you should definitely drool over (for speed, of course), are as follows.

GPS Speedometer by Royal Fitness

best speedometer apps

Size: 4.7/5
Rating: 7.7 MB
Creator: Royal Fitness Apps

GPS Speedometer by Royal Fitness uses GPS based digital speed tracker head-up display is a useful speed tracking and distance measuring app. It automatically saves all your previous speed records as well as provides various deals and themes so that you enjoy using the app.

Speedometer by Eccentrica

best speedometer apps

Size: 4/5
Rating: 26 MB
Creator: Eccentrica Technologies

Speedometer by Eccentrica is a GPS based best speedometer apps. It provides a digital or analog speedometer based on the phone’s GPS. This app has a very easy, convenient, and user-friendly interface. Even if you are traveling in a mode of public transport and want to pass your time, you can follow every second/ minute/ hour speed of the vehicle using this app. Since you can change the alarms settings and other options even when on the go, it is recommended that you don’t use the application while you yourself are behind the steering.

GPS Speedometer by Smart Mobile

best speedometer apps

Size: 4.6/5
Rating: 5.1 MB
Creator: Smart Mobile Tools

GPS Speedometer by Smart Mobile measures distance while walking, jogging, biking, running, and even trekking. There is an alarm that starts vibrating whenever the speed exceeds the allowable limit. It measures the current speed, distance covered so far, provides results in both the km and the miles system, and vibrates an alarm. You can easily enable or disable background settings and change the application brightness and color. There is a bright theme, suitable for use during the daytime, and a dark one for the night.

Digital Speedometer

Size: 3.7 MB
Rating: 4.2/5
Creator: Smooth Mobile LLC

Digital Speedometer is one app that saves you big time from police radar. It has an average speedometer meant to record and keep a track of your speed since installation. This app also has a full-screen mode, which just shows the GPS speed, a very useful mode for driving.

GPS Speedometer by AppSource

Size: 6 MB
Rating: 3.7/5
Creator: AppSource

GPS Speedometer by AppSource displays average speed, maximum speed, altitude, compass, weather data, and speed chart, all in one click. You need to press the track button and the app will start multi-tasking saving every detail. It also has a Head Over Display option along with a mirrored image mode.

DigiHUD Speedometer

Size: 4.2/5
Rating: Varies With Device
Creator: James Moss

DigiHUD Speedometer is an app that provides you with basic things like current speed, average speed since reset, maximum speed, three trip distance counter, and compass. It also consists of an odometer found under statistics, and the digital color automatically changes to red if you are above the maximum speed benchmark. This app comes with various modes, like, the light mode for calculating the speed only, HUD mode with comes mirrored, and pressing the speed or trip value for long resets it. It very conveniently runs in the background, so you can multitask while using this app.

Speedometer by mypapit

Size: 3.8/5
Rating: 1.2 MB
Creator: mypapit

Speedometer by mypapit is the most basic application ever. Ever. You can figure it out with the size of the application itself. It is just a digital speedometer that supports over 4 kinds of velocity units like km/h, mph, knots, and meter/second. This app requires no extra or unnecessary permissions and does what is said in the tin. It also runs in the background and has the same persistent speed even after being minimized.

DS Speedometer and Odometer

Size: Varies With Device
Rating: 4.3/5
Creator: DS Softwares

DS Speedometer and Odometer is an amazing app for a high performing speedometer. It includes a night head over display mode, a speed alarm to avoid tickets, drive safely and not pay for the insurance premiums, free route recorder and a trip logger storing your every move. There is also a background odometer which keeps a track of the total distance covered. It also has the option of both the digital odometer and pre-digital drum odometer working hand in hand.

GPS Maps Navigation

Size: 6.9 MB
Rating: 4.1/5
Creator: Launcher Dev

GPS Maps Navigation is not only a speedometer app but also a map navigation app. It helps you find any address and nearby venues. This app also acts as a traffic finder while suggesting the upcoming speed conditions and limits. It also calculates the area and changes into compass mode.

Digital GPS Speedometer

Size: 3.5 MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Creator: Axact Apps

Digital GPS Speedometer consists of excellent design and topography. It has a user-friendly UI/UX which shows the accurate speed every time. This app provides a mirror view display of speed on the windscreen, head over display. You can record the speed of your car, boat, or even an aircraft (anybody getting Noddy vibes yet?). The best part about this app remains with the fact that this can be used without any continuous internet connection.

15 Speedometer Apps

Along with the ones with all the deets above, here are some more apps you can try on as digital speedometers. They are quite good, with all having good reviews and reputed ratings.

  1. GPS Speedometer by Royal Fitness
  2. Speedometer by Eccentrica
  3. GPS Speedometer by Smart Mobile
  4. Digital Speedometer
  5. GPS Speedometer by AppSource
  6. DigiHUD Speedometer
  7. Speedometer by mypapit
  8. DS Speedometer and Odometer
  9. GPS Maps Navigation
  10. Digital GPS Speedometer
  11. GPS Speed
  12. Ulysse Speedometer
  13. Accurate Speedometer
  14. Radarbol Free
  15. HUD Speedometer


These apps almost never fail. Although, you should always try to keep a check yourself and not rely on these totally. Humans created gadgets and apps, and we should not let our lives go around them to an extent where we can’t even decide what is good for us and what isn’t. Also, try to not use these applications when you are driving, as you should not be distracted then.

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